KoDrea radiates strong chemistry in the Loveteam Telepathy Challenge

Time to put KoDrea’s chemistry to the test!

In the Telepathy Challenge on Kapamilya Chat, Kobie Brown and Andi Abaya will snap-respond to random questions and we’ll see how much they think alike.

They had similar answers to most questions. One of our favorite moments is when they said “boo” when asked their preferred term of endearment. We know you’re as curious as us! But let’s leave it at that.

Moving on to the next questions, they both picked “thank you” over “I love you” and chocolates over flowers. They replied, “Lahat” when asked the best loveteam in the Philippines.

It seems KoDrea can read each other’s minds as they both chose “turo-turo” than fine dining. They both would prefer a Japanese menu during the first date. And the ideal place for a first date is the restaurant for Andi and the mall for Kobie.

For the category Filipino TV show, “May Bukas Pa” popped up in Andi’s mind. A big JaDine fan, Kobie thought of “On The Wings Of Love.”

The first body part they look at a person is the eyes for Kobie “because it is the window to the soul.” Now that he’s building his career as an actor, vhe is learning to overcome his fear of making eye contact. Meanwhile, Andi looks at the eyebrows since she used to be insecure about hers.