Kapamilya React: KoDrea revisits 4 remarkable scenes of Celine & Brock in “Love In 40 Days”

Their characters Celine and Brock are indeed able to provide a different kind of kilig in Love In 40 Days.” And in this episode of Kapamilya React, promising young loveteam Andi Abaya and Kobie Brown (a.k.a. KoDrea), revisited some of their most remarkable scenes on the show, as well as disclosed trivia and details we may not know about yet from each.

First off, the scene wherein Celine apologized to Brock for blaming him for everything that happened to them. Andi loved the scene because they shot it during a full moon, which really matched the mood and made it extra romantic, not to mention that the garden where they did it already induced that thrilling vibe. Besides, she also loved that Celine and Brock were able finally patch things up between them after a long period of not talking with one another.

Next was that particular emotional scene between Brock and Celine at the hotel’s mansion, wherein Andi was able to showcase her dramatic prowess. It was both challenging for them, with Kobie recalling how pressured and rattled he was since it was already late and it was also the last scene for the day. Although, he’s satisfied, the young actor wished that he was able to do a better job.

When asked how she prepared for it, Andi imparted that having her co-actor hold her hands made it easier for her to pull off dramatic scenes like that, as well as by just simply looking at Kobe’s face during their scenes together.

Aside from the challenge of having to get through this scene, the cold weather that night made it worse for them, too, as they had to fight the chill they felt.

In the engagement scene, Kobie confessed that he wasn’t actually supposed to say “I love you,” but he just said it, which made the kilig they felt during that moment authentic. It was the last scene they had to do on their last taping day, and he’d been waiting to do it.

Andi related that she had to internalize and watched clips of marriage proposal videos in order for her to obtain the right emotions of people being proposed to. She also recalled how they had to do a lot of takes and blockings prior to that scene in order to perfect it.

Last, but definitely not the least, was that scene wherein Celine was wearing the wedding dress she created. Andi said that it was one of their light scenes so it was easy for them to execute it and the first scene they did together under the supervision of Direk Jojo Saguin. Kobie, on the other hand, expressed how sad he is that there would be no wedding for Celine and Brock in the afterlife, but he’s hoping that he and Andi are going to have in the next projects they’re going to do.

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