5 times Trina Legaspi impressed with her acting in “Love In 40 Days”

From cute and funny, former child star Trina Legaspi currently showcases her dramatic chops via Love In 40 Days. She plays Alice, the best friend of Loisa Andalio’s Jane Marasigan. Check out her top acting moments in the teleserye via this Friday 5 feature.

The first scene witnessed Alice’s remorse after Jane’s accident. She asked the new employee to just leave Jane’s notebook planner with her and take the rest of the documents to their boss Sir Marco (Ahron Villena). She flipped through the pages and found Jane’s note about buying her a birthday gift. Alice cried it out. Not only was she feeling sad over her friend’s ‘death’ but she was guilty of something else.

The next clip shows a more ‘palaban’ Alice in a slight confrontation with Sir Marco, who often clashed with Jane while she was still alive. Alice said she’s grateful to Jane for inspiring her to excel. She also wished that Jane didn't have to go, so someone still has the guts to question the discrepancies in the company, her statements infused with daring undertones. Sir Marco replied with threats, saying somebody seems bound to follow Jane’s path.

The guilt in the previous scene is revealed to be rooted in Alice and Robbie (Raven Molina)’s romantic betrayal. Alice sobbed narrating how they cheated on Jane. She confessed to terrorizing Jane by putting a dried flower on the latter’s table, to mean death threats. It was her way to make Jane leave the company, so she and Robbie could live out their secret relationship. Alice didn’t know Jane’s ghost was listening to her tearful confession.

In another display of organic talent, Alice painted despair, fear, and love at once while trying to escape with Robbie from the kidnappers. To give each other courage, Robbie reminded Alice of their dreams. They managed to escape.

In the final scene in this video montage, Alice talked to Jane’s ghost with Edward (Ronnie Alonte)’s help. She asked forgiveness for her betrayal. She admitted to having strong feelings for Robbie even when the latter courted Jane. It took courage on Alice’s part to confess in front of Jane’s aunt Berta (Maria Isabel Lopez) and brother Monmon (Josh De Guzman). But the guilt was too much of a burden she decided to let it go. Besides, she genuinely hopes to make amends with her best friend. The dramatic conversation ended in forgiveness.

The plot gets more exciting as Jane is revealed to be alive and likely regaining consciousness soon, so don’t miss an episode of Love In 40 Days, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.