Love in 40 Days Confrontation

Love In 40 Days mesmerized not only because of its magical, charming visuals, but also with all the characters that carry interesting backstories. Everyone in this series is a representation of ordinary people. Even the ghosts at Evergreen Mansion conveyed emotions that resonate with the viewers.

But sometimes, their individual motivations and things they fight for, the opposing views, lies, and secrets lead to intense confrontation scenes. Ahead of its “Pamatay Na Ending,” let us look back on the most gripping confrontation scenes of the Love In 40 Days characters via this Kapamilya Toplist.

The first episodes introduced Jane Marasigan (Loisa Andalio) as a top-performing insurance agent. She’s determined, competitive, and ambitious, to the point of clashing with her boss Marco (Ahron Villena), who was scared his secrets might be exposed. Jane maintained in the first scene that she’s not violating company rules. Marco, however, was hiding something.

The Montemayor abode is not a happy home because of Andrea (Mylene Dizon)’s favoritism and harsh parenting. She easily lashes out at Edward (Ronnie Alonte) such as when the latter asked for support for his dream to establish a music career and put up his resto-bar. Her clinging to anger and hate stemmed from her problematic past and a secret she’s kept for decades.

The bad blood between her and Ofelia (Janice de Belen) was already evident just on the first few episodes. Tension intensified when Andrea caught Ofelia fighting with a caller who addressed her as Josie. She wanted her fired for lying about her identity. It ricocheted when Ofelia hinted at Andrea's intriguing secret, too. It turned out Andrea has changed her identity as well. 

Andrea’s bad parenting entices her husband Robert (Bart Guingona) to question her love for their kids, especially Edward, whom she wanted to be sent to a mental institution. It would be revealed that Andrea lied about their son, who died at birth. Ofelia is Edward’s biological mother. When confronted about it, Andrea played the victim card like she always does.

A grudge to resolve was also a constant theme in the series. It shone especially on Jane, who struggled to forgive her estranged father Jessie (William Lorenzo). When advised by the Evergreen crew to forgo bitterness, so she can move forward, Jane felt offended and lashed out at Diana (Lotlot de Leon) and Mr. Guzman (Leo Martinez), who both have unsettled business with their kids. Diana and Mr. Guzman showed remorse and pain on their faces, making this scene all the more heartbreaking.

Sibling rivalry was present through Edward and Eileen (Chie Filomeno)’s characters. The latter craves her parents, especially Robert’s trust and affection. But no matter how hard she tries, Edward still comes off as the better child between them. Edward is a natural at business. He has the charisma and skills while she lacked the ‘it’ factor despite her hard work. Driven by jealousy, Eileen would often unleash her anger on Edward and make petty issues just to give him a hard time. In one scene, their fight got a bit intense than he accidentally pushed her on a table.

Half-sisters Jane and Valerie (Zabel Lamberth) competed with a lot of things as well, including Jessie and Edward’s love. Blinded by bitterness, Valerie tried to kill Jane by removing her life support. When Jane found out, she didn’t listen to Valerie’s apology, saying the latter has always been unkind and therefore can never change for the better.

Jane’s inability to forgive, however, would create cracks in her relationship with Edward. What made it worse was her assumption about Andrea’s involvement in Marco’s crime. In a scene, Andrea played the victim card again, gaslighted and slapped Jane, while Edward froze and just let his mom hurt his girlfriend. Yet, Jane promised to still love Edward and wait until he sees the truth.

These scenes have put emphasis on how lies and jealousy can only lead to disaster, and that forgiveness, no matter how hard, is not impossible.

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