15 times LoiNie made us believe in love as Jane and Edward in Love In 40 Days

Jane (Loisa Andalio) and Edward (Ronnie Alonte) may be facing obstacles in their love story but they never fail to gift us with scenes that make us feel ‘kilig’ and warm our hearts. That’s why we are rooting for their happiness. If you are also cheering for them, check out this Kapamilya Toplist from Love In 40 Days and feel the love between the sweet couple. 

Jane and Edward had an unpleasant relationship at first. Cue in the adorable bickering moments. In the first scene, they argued about the building which Edward would turn into a resto-bar, clueless that it’s also where the Evergreen Mansion, the hotel for ghosts like Jane, is located. Jane’s marketing skills did not work though, thanks to Edward's distracting gorgeousness.

She went on to her next tactic – capture his heart. Their ‘kilig’ first date was followed by more time spent together until they developed a strong bond. They became friends even after learning that she’s a ghost. They are now each other’s rock while going through challenges such as her unfinished business on earth and his family problems. 

In a scene, Edward thanked Jane for helping him believe in his dreams to pursue music. The two shared a sweet conversation in a cab while Edward’s band’s song plays on the radio, never mind if the driver was low-key freaking out while watching Edward talk to an invisible being.

We’ll never get tired of their adorable bickering moments, and the heartwarming ones, too. We laughed when she passed through the walls of his room and found him naked. We smiled from ear to ear when they almost kissed after wishing for each other’s happiness. The ‘feels’ doubled when the ‘almost kiss’ happened in another scene, although it was just Edward’s dream. We felt their desires as they watch Brock (Kobie Brown) propose to Celine (Andi Abaya).

They are ready to fight for their love, which is so strong it pierces through our hearts. We felt their pain as they exchange ‘I love you.’ In this scene, Edward’s family sent him to a mental institution after he confessed to seeing Jane’s ghost. It was a difficult situation to be in but knowing Jane was there and loving him back made him feel better somehow.

Add to that the scene where he surprised her with a double birthday celebration. It’s as if saying he appreciates Jane’s existence even just as a ghost.

Jane and Edward are better when they’re together. He helps her go through her unfinished businesses and watch over her brother Monmon (Josh de Guzman). In turn, she gives him comfort when troubled by family problems.

But, she has to go soon. She has to leave Evergreen Mansion. When Jane insisted they’re not supposed to be together because she’s a ghost, Edward said they can work it out because, “’Pag mahal mo, mahal mo.”

Will Jane and Edward manage to move heaven and earth to fight for their love?

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