15 scenes of Anton trying to destroy Ofelia’s life in “Love In 40 Days”

Manipulators are among the worst kinds of people, those who take advantage of your vulnerability and past to get what they want.  In the Kapamilya series Love In 40 Days, Anton (Allan Paule) instills plenty of fear and actual danger in Ofelia (Janice de Belen) to extort money for his gambling addiction.

And because he knows her secrets, which she’s fairly trying to redeem herself from, he also knows where to hit. Check out this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes showing how he has become the devil in Ofelia's life in Love In 40 Days.

Anton had a puzzling appearance in the teleserye. We viewers didn’t know where he came from and what his intention was. But one thing was clear – he has no conscience. Just by the manner he spoke to Ofelia, whom he addressed as Josie, when they bumped into each other at Heaven’s Gate hinted at his nefarious deeds in the past. Ofelia showed resistance when he tried to get near and touch her.

He made a way to trace her whereabouts and with his creepy smirk threatened to expose her secrets to the Montemayors. Things looked suspicious when he forced her to pay her debt amounting to 300, 000 pesos. He received 50, 000 pesos but that wasn’t enough to silence him. But that didn’t work. Anton declared that he will take back the exact amount, or else, he’d rob the Montemayors and tell them the truth about Ofelia’s past.

In Ofelia’s perspective were fear and anger. She seemed traumatized to the point of seeing Anton’s face in her nightmares. Flashback scenes revealed that she got involved with him while working as an escort girl. But even if she sleeps with men for a living, her intimate act with him didn’t have her consent, hence an assault.

Armed with his annoying blackmailing tactics, he slowly destroys her life and peace. Ofelia tries to fight back but she feels vulnerable as he makes her feel guilty about her past. In another scene, he managed to sneak inside the mansion and tried to convince her to help him rob the Montemayors. Of course, she refused.

However, Anton was persistent. He learned that Ofelia gave up her son named Nathaniel, and from there, he was able to push her into another trap. He threatened to hunt down her son. The only way to stop him is for Ofelia to hand him a vast sum. It turned out he is in big trouble due to his gambling addiction and he needs the money to save his life.

Ofelia asked for money from Andrea (Mylene Dizon) in exchange for keeping the latter’s secret as well. Things have gone complicated that Andrea had to step in and order Anton’s killing.

Anton went berserk trying to extort a whopping 10 million pesos from Ofelia, or else he’d involve the Montemayors, especially Edward (Ronnie Alonte), knowing it will make her anxious. That was after they all learned that Edward is Ofelia’s son. Scared for Edward’s life, Ofelia was forced to confess that Anton is Edward’s father.

Anton found himself in deep thoughts about Ofelia’s revelation. Will this truth change his heart somehow?

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