15 scenes from “Love In 40 Days” that broke our hearts and left us with lessons

Beneath the fantasy-romance plot of Love In 40 Days are lessons about life, and these lessons become more apparent when the characters muse on them in truly heart-crushing scenes. Kapamilya Toplist collated the most inspiring, tearjerker moments in the teleserye. 

Jane Marasigan (Loisa Andalio) had a devastating childhood, having been abandoned by her father Jessie (William Lorenzo) and losing her mom Sylvia (Aleck Bovick) too soon. On her deathbed, Sylvia asked Jane to toughen up and change her destiny because she can. She said Jane doesn’t need her estranged father since her abilities and strength of character are enough tools for her to survive and succeed. Right there and then, she had to mature fast as a second parent to her younger brother Monmon (Josh de Guzman).

Jane experienced death without warning. The scene where she rehashed the events leading to her accident truly broke our hearts, seeing how she felt dying young. She still has dreams to work on, more so she couldn’t afford to leave Monmon in the care of Tiyang Berta (Maria Isabel Lopez), whom she had a tough relationship with.

Jane slowly accepted her fate. She had 40 days to settle her unfinished business on earth before moving up to heaven. And one of those unfinished businesses is her bitterness toward her dad, Jessie. She tried to forgive. However, when she sneaked inside his house as a spirit and heard his conversation on the phone, she realized Jessie didn’t love her and Monmon. It escalated her deep-seated resentment.

The souls in Evergreen Mansion had their own stories to tell, and maybe one reason they got stuck on earth is they haven’t really conquered their regrets. For instance, Celine sometimes thinks about what could’ve been if she didn’t elope with Brock (Kobie Brown). Perhaps she won’t die in the accident, which robbed her of time spent with her mom. But with the help of Edward (Ronnie Alonte) and Jane, Celine was able to say goodbye to her mom. The scene teaches us to treasure and make time for our parents and prioritize their wisdom over our selfish emotions.

Similarly, Love In 40 Days reminds parents to be present in their children’s lives. Diana (Lotlot de Leon) initially blamed herself for her own daughter’s failures. But when Jane arrived, she felt given a second chance to become a mother again, and even make it better. That’s why she serves her Evergreen Mansion family without complaint to somehow atone for her past mistakes.

The manager of Evergreen Mansion, Mr. Guzman (Leo Martinez), carried regrets and longing for his daughter for decades, which Jane and Edward helped resolve. We bet the scene where they showed him a video of his daughter made you cry buckets. Jane and Edward said they found Mr. Guzman’s daughter in a home for the aged. She’s now 72 and has Alzheimer’s disease, but she lived a happy life and fulfilled Mr. Guzman’s dream for her to become a singer. All she remembers now are happy memories with her dad.

The character of Ofelia (Janice de Belen) also portrayed the pain and guilt of parents losing a child due to their neglect. She regrets choosing the wrong path in life, which incited the mistake of giving her son up for adoption. It was then revealed that her son is none other than Edward.

When Anton (Allan Paule) extorted money from her and threatened to hurt Edward, Ofelia did everything to protect her son. The scene where she was down on her knees, looking desperate and helpless while begging for Edward’s life, sure resonated with parents who will do anything for their children.

Even the bad girls Valerie (Zabel Lamberth) and Eileen (Chie Filomeno) showed vulnerability dealing with conscience, specifically when the former tried to kill Jane by removing her life support. Somehow you would empathize with them, knowing that their bad behavior is only driven by the thirst for their parents’ love, attention, and loyalty.

Marco (Ahron Villena) faces punishment after conniving with Andrea (Mylene Dizon) for scam and murder. His sentence will be harsh. But the forgiveness he got from his family will somehow aid in his redemption. The scene where he was able to talk to her dead wife and daughter through Jane’s help reminds us to do good while there’s still time. He thought he completely lost his family’s love but they were just waiting for him all this time.

Jane likewise thought Tiyang Berta didn’t care about her and Monmon. But their soul-piercing reunion proved otherwise. Jane was still in a coma at the time, so they had to communicate through Edward. She was moved upon learning that Tiyang Berta concealed her condition to protect her from the syndicate behind her accident and that Jessie pays for her hospitalization.  Jane realized her family’s love and the sacrifices they are willing to make for her.

Which scene from Love In 40 Days made you emotional, Kapamilya?

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