15 most romantic serenades from Ronnie Alonte in “Love In 40 Days”

Love In 40 Days has everything we’re looking for in a series. Aside from the drama, romance, and a bit of comedy and thrill, it’s also loaded with singing courtesy of Ronnie Alonte playing the business scion-turned-band vocalist Edward Montemayor. His song performances added an abundance of ‘kilig’ to the story. Well, who doesn’t want to be serenaded by a guy like him? Check out this Kapamilya Toplist and relive the many times he won everyone’s hearts with his voice.

Music played a big role in Edward and Jane (Loisa Andalio)’s love story. To recall, they crossed paths in a resto-bar where Edward’s band plays. By the manner she looked at him from the audience, there's no denying that she was smitten.

Edward turns to songwriting whenever he’s having a bad day or when he’s pissed at Valerie (Zabel Lamberth). When he finished his song, he performed it with the band in his resto-bar called Lifeline, much to the dismay of the ghosts in Evergreen Mansion.

The souls sabotaged Edward’s performance and the opening of his bar. But it would only work to his advantage as the customers and netizens were amazed rather than scared by the paranormal acts at the bar. Later on, even the ghosts fell in love with Edward’s voice. He developed great friendship with the Evergreen crew and they decided to just work as a team whether that be in bringing entertainment or solving cases.

Edward’s song helped him connect with his family. His dad Robert (Bart Guingona), the only one supportive of his music career, came to watch his gig one time and saw the crowd cheering for him. In the next scene, he sang only for his parents' ears, with his mom Andrea (Mylene Dizon) proving that she is his biggest fan. It must be one of the happiest days in his ife.

Of course, it hits different when he’s singing for the girl he loves. He serenaded Jane with a song about star-crossed lovers, with every word in the lyrics piercing through their hearts. Celine (Andi Abaya) thought it must be a sad song for the pair, knowing Jane is crossing over to the afterlife soon. But Edward and Jane chose to be happy. She sang along with him and made a random confession that sparked off a cute banter between them.

The next scene shows that Edward prepared a special birthday dinner for Jane and gifted her with another sweet serenade. It would be the last time he’s singing to a ghost because the heavens would wake her up from a coma. In the last scene in this montage, Edward expressed his love for Jane through the song he penned. He crooned. She lovingly gazed at him.

As much as we don’t want to let go of these characters yet, we’re also looking forward to seeing Jane and Edward make beautiful music together, forever.

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