10 sweet moments of KoDrea in “Love In 40 Days” that made us believe in happy endings

It is a common belief that two people who were once in love with each other will be reunited after death. For Brock (Kobie Brown) and Celine (Andi Abaya) in Love In 40 Days, their bodies may have died but their love never will. Relive all the times they made us believe ‘happy ever after still exists’ – even in the afterlife.

Brock and Celine are the star-crossed lovers who both died while trying to elope. They continued their tale of love in Evergreen Mansion, the hotel for wandering souls like them.

The romance between them was evident just on their first appearance in the series. We open this Kapamilya Toplist with their sweet interaction at the hotel lobby when Jane (Loisa Andalio) arrived after her accident. Celine walked toward the guest, Jane, bringing a tray of cookies, then asked Brock to get one because it is his favorite. 

There was a scene where Celine revealed her dressmaking skills, which she got from her mother. She misses her. So, through Edward (Ronnie Alonte)’s help, she gifted her mom with a dress similar to what she promised to make while she was still alive. Celine also thanked Brock – and our hearts melted over that subtle ‘thank you’ and embrace.

Brock never missed any important occasion and he doesn’t run out of little surprises. He made sure to greet Celine for their second death anniversary, telling her that being with each other is enough reason not to feel sad. They may be stuck wandering on earth but their love is heaven for them.

The fairytale-like ambiance in Evergreen Mansion adds magic to their sweet moments. In another scene, she gave him a self-sewn handkerchief as a peace offering after blaming him for their fate. Then, they stared at the moon together, talking about pain and longing, regrets and failures, hope and dreams.

We couldn’t contain our happiness when Brock proposed to Celine. In that scene, she gushed over the beauty of her favorite kalachuchi flowers, stirring sadness in his heart as he couldn’t touch and pick the flowers for her. No worries, she said. After all, he has given her the greatest gift she could ask for, none other than genuine happiness. And to make Celine even happier, Brock proposed to her in front of their friends, who called them the luckiest souls in Evergreen.

They shared a cute banter when he caught her fitting her wedding dress. The conversation turned serious as they reflect on how challenges brought them closer and not apart. Celine then surprised Jane with a dress she made, something she can wear on her last day on earth and when she moves up to heaven. The final scene in this video montage shows Brock surprising Celine with flowers for their second engagement monthsary, drawing teases from George (Benedix Ramos). Elias (Vaughn Piczon) interrupted them, agitated about the arrival of new guests.

For Brock and Celine, their love is more relevant than the reality of them being dead. Catch KoDrea in the finale week of Love In 40 Days, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.