10 scenes that prove Valerie is obsessed with Edward in “Love In 40 Days”

Valerie (Zabel Lamberth) calls it love, but for Edward (Ronnie Alonte), her attitude only spells desperation. She’s crazy for him, so much so that her feelings turned toxic, and love turned into revenge in the Kapamilya series Love In 40 Days.

Clingy people usually have a past that pushes them to act in such a way. In Valerie’s case, it’s about her dysfunctional relationship with her parents, especially her philandering dad Jessie (William Lorenzo). In the first scene, she confided in Eileen (Chie Filomeno) about working hard to win her parents’ attention, and how frustrating it felt to experience the same in her relationship with Edward.

It seemed just typical girlfriend behavior on the surface. However, her intense love for Edward got out of shape. She wanted to control his life and even asked him to give up his dream of putting up his resto-bar and playing with a band. She started to view his other passion as competition, thus burning the resto-bar a day before its grand opening. Edward, thankfully, saved the place, and himself, thanks to Jane (Loisa Andalio)’s help.

If she was honest with herself, Valerie would know their relationship was headed to breakup because of her actions. Still, she was embittered, especially after learning that Edward is in love with Jane, a ghost.

Valerie was in denial until she caught Edward talking to an invisible being. She checked out Jane’s social media accounts, curious how the woman was before her accident. Now she’s competing with a ghost. She resented her even more after learning they’re half-sisters. Valerie enlisted the help of a paranormal expert to get rid of Jane’s soul. But none of her underhanded tactics worked.

She’s willing to put her life on hold for Edward no matter how many times she has been rejected. When her parents planned to move abroad, Valerie made up dramas to postpone their trip. And since Edward doesn’t reciprocate her feelings, she felt resentful. If she can’t have him, then she’ll destroy him.

The perennially miffed Valerie found her partner in Eileen, Edward’s jealous half-sister. They convinced everyone that Edward is having hallucinations, forcing his parents to send him to a mental institution. As if that wasn’t enough, Valerie invented stories that Edward hurt her when she broke up with him. Still, she failed. Edward was sent home after Ofelia (Janice De Belen) threatened Andrea (Mylene Dizon) to spill the latter’s secret.

In the last scene from this Kapamilya Toplist, Eileen told Valerie to get over Edward. But, Valerie, bitter and evil, said she won’t raise the white flag.

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