10 scenes of Andrea and Ofelia as mortal enemies in “Love In 40 Days”

The bad blood between Andrea (Mylene Dizon) and Ofelia (Janice De Belen) just won’t die. And the main cause of their argument is Andrea’s heartless parenting, which Ofelia condemns. Watch their confrontations in this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from Love In 40 Days.

Andrea abhors Ofelia for overstepping on their family’s issues. She hates it when the nanny comments especially about her treatment toward her son Edward (Ronnie Alonte), and one time, harshly lectured her on her limitations as a housemaid.

Well, whatever the situation is, Andrea just explodes all of a sudden. In the next scene, she got extremely angry when Ofelia mistakenly brought her coffee instead of tea. Even the other helpers notice their boss’ tantrums. Thankfully, Ofelia doesn’t let Andrea’s toxic behavior affect her disposition in life and especially her relationship with Edward.

When we say toxic, we mean Andrea disrespects other people’s feelings. In a scene, she had a rude reaction when Ofelia refused to come with her to Heaven’s Gate due to feeling sick. Instead of showing concern, Andrea thought Ofelia was lazy and making excuses.

Tension intensified after Andrea caught Ofelia talking on the phone during work hours. She heard Ofelia fighting with the caller who addressed her Josie. Later on, Andrea uses this intriguing scene for blackmail.

Then, Andrea sent Edward to a mental institution upon the urging of Eileen (Chie Filomeno). Everyone didn’t want to believe Edward’s claims that he was seeing Jane (Loisa Andalio)’s ghosts. But Ofelia said Edward needs compassion than medication. With a wounded ego, Andrea raised her voice at Ofelia and again set the boundaries, “Ako yung ina, dating yaya ka lang.”

There came a point when she wanted her fired. Then, Andrea slapped Ofelia as the latter insists on her decade-long service to the family. Andrea then tried to use Ofelia’s “secret” as ground. But it ricocheted when Ofelia hinted at Andrea's intriguing secret, too. Now with the upper hand, Ofelia demanded Andrea to get Edward home in exchange for her silence.

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