Toplist Elias and Jane Love In 40 days

While we arguably find it kind of impossible to relate with the spooky love story of Jane and Edward, impressively played by on-and-off-screen sweethearts Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte, in Love In 40 Days, many of us can probably identify with Elias, a barong-wearing lad from the 1950s who has a crush on Jane, portrayed by theater actor Vaughn Piczon.

Just like some of us, he also finds it hard to profess his admiration to his apple of the eye, Jane, who he fondly calls “Binibining Jane.” He may be great with words and can surely capture hearts with his poetic voice and even good looks, but he doesn’t have the courage to tell her how much he loves her – or what we, Pinoys, call it - torpe. 

And in this Kapamilya Toplist feature, let’s look back on the 10 moments that proved that he indeed has hidden feelings for Jane!

As the assistant manager of Evergreen Mansion, he was tasked to not just oversee the operations of the hotel-inspired transitory place, but to also accompany Jane in accomplishing her last to-dos before going to heaven alongside their playful chauffeur George (Benedix Ramos). We could already see how smitten he was by her just on the first time they met with how he looks at her and cares for her as he tends to always check on her.

Elias also grew extra worried of her during those times when Jane was fulfilling her special mission to befriend Edward and convince him not to convert the place into a restobar, as he perceived him as hard-hearted and troublesome. Thus, he consistently tailed her everywhere she went to make sure that she’s safe while in the company of Edward. This sometimes came annoying to Jane as his meddling tends to ruin her plans, to the point that they got caught.

There may be instances that he’s too nosy, yet we appreciate his kindness and sweetness whenever he kept her company during those times that she was gloomy and expressed his willingness to help her out may it be in her mission or in the midst of trouble. But what arguably made our hearts skip a beat was when he told her how it makes him sad knowing that they’ll be separated from him (or them) once the time for her to ascend to heaven comes.

We also found it cute when he got jealous every time Jane and Edward are together, just like when they almost kissed. He used his telekinetic power to destroy their sweet moment by turning off the lights using his mind. But he turned it on once again after George prodded him and Jane requested him to do so.

However, this wasn’t the first time that Edward got into Elias’ nerves as he got mad at him when he and Jane helped Celine (Andi Abaya) reach out to her beloved mom, which is against one of the rules of Evergreen Mansion. This ensued to a heated argument between them, which got pacified when Jane mediated them and Mr. Guzman (Leo Martinez) didn’t reprimand him.

While he used to not open up about his feelings, Elias finally admitted that he indeed admires her in one of his conversations with George. He told him, “Hindi naman mapipigilan ang puso kapag may nararamdaman, ‘di ba?” which the latter deemed cheesy.

And one day, he saw a perfect chance to finally ‘fess up to her, only to fail as Edward suddenly came and interrupted his moment with Jane. 

Will Elias still have the opportunity to tell Jane about his feelings for her? Let’s find out by not missing an episode of Love In 40 Days, weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z and iWantTFC.