10 pieces of life-changing advice from Mr. Guzman in “Love In 40 Days” that you deserve to know

Wisdom comes with experience. And having seen it all both from the world of the living and ghosts, Mr. Guzman (Leo Martinez) sure has a lot of oversized lessons to offer. In this Kapamilya Toplist, we rounded up his no-nonsense pieces of advice from Love In 40 Days, so you get to pick what resonates with you.

Apart from his backward speech sounding so cool, his pearls of wisdom makes listening to him worth your time. Life is dehins easy, and so is death, but he keeps reminding the Evergreen Mansion crew to be in the moment while being responsible. When Brock (Kobie Brown) and Celine (Andi Abaya) overlooked the scheduled entrance of souls that died in a bus accident, Mr. Guzman reminded them that “maraming namamatay sa maling akala,” literally, like the bus driver who assumed it was safe to overtake.

The couple then fixed their mess by suggesting the guests share rooms, which he commends, “Hindi kayo huhusgahan sa kapalpakan ninyo kundi sa paano kayo bumabawi.”

He helps the crew, especially the hopeless romantic Elias (Vaughn Piczon), understand love. Elias fell for Jane (Loisa Andalio) and asked her to stay at the Evergreen Mansion for good since she couldn’t move to the afterlife at the time. For Elias, it was an act love, but for Mr. Guzman, it was desperation and selfishness. That’s when he pressed that love means sacrifice, “Gagawin mo ang lahat para mapasaya mo ang taong ‘yun kahit ang kapalit ay maging miserable ka.” And by sacrifice, he meant helping Edward (Ronnie Alonte) solve Jane’s case so she can move forward. By love, he meant letting go.

Elias felt love is so painful that healing looks impossible. Cue in Mr. Guzman, who taught him that losing someone who never loved him the way he wanted doesn’t make him a loser. Because, even with the excruciating pain and mystery that we couldn’t seem to comprehend, “Wala naman talagang olats sa pag-ibig.”

Diana (Lotlot de Leon) added that sometimes love arrives to teach us a lesson. In the case of Elias, meeting Jane made him realize he is still capable of loving and making sacrifices. And, yes, it stings like hell at the moment but you will sure get some help from the heavens.

The “ghost squad” got their positivity from Mr Guzman, who tells Jane after she woke up from coma, to celebrate life always, “Life is a blessing kaya ang piliin mo ay magmahal, magpatawad, at maging masaya. Kahit kailan, kahit saan, ipagdiwang mo ang buhay.”When bitterness and anger started to consume her again, he asked her to look at the bright side, which would

only become visible when you acknowledge God’s plans. Thanks to the Evergreen life guru, the lost ‘souls’ get free anger management tips, “Natural lang na magalit dahil tao ka pero ‘pag hinayaan mong lamunin ka ng galit mo, sa huli, ikaw rin ang mahihirapan.”

What ‘life hack’ did you learn from Mr. Guzman, Kapamilya?

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