10 heartwarming scenes that prove Monmon’s love for his Ate Jane in “Love In 40 Days”

Your baby brother, no matter how old he gets, will always be your sweetheart. And despite the occasional misunderstanding and playful fights, know that he will always respect and adore you back, proven by Monmon (Josh de Guzman)’s undying love for his big sister Jane (Loisa Andalio).

One of the many things we will miss about Love in 40 Days is Monmon’s sweet dynamic with Jane that made us wish we have a baby bro like him. Therefore, we want to immortalize their most heartwarming moments via this Kapamilya Toplist.

He knows when his sister is sad or heartbroken and he will do anything to make her smile. In the first scene in this video montage, he prepared a birthday surprise for Jane, although she got mad at him for cutting classes. Jane apologized after realizing she overreacted and when Monmon explained he just wanted to make her happy. Monmon said he knows Jane is hurting from her breakup with Robbie (Raven Molina) because he could hear her cry at night.

Even ‘death’ couldn’t break them apart. Jane as a ghost watched over Monmon. Her scene wishing to embrace the lonesome Monmon was truly heartbreaking.

She was able to communicate with him, thanks to Edward (Ronnie Alonte)’s open third eye. She was there when Monmon was sent to hospital, as well as when he was sent to an orphanage. She witnessed his hard work at school and his being helpful.

His academic success is obviously thanks to her, thus she was proud of Monmon for making it to the honor roll, as he promised. Now it’s her turn to fulfill her promise that she will never leave his side. In a scene, Monmon talked to Jane, who was in a coma, compelling her to wake up soon. Unknown to Monmon, Jane’s spirit was there, smiling through tears, with a heart full of hope. Just as when everyone in Evergreen Mansion, the hotel for souls, was all set to see Jane move up to heaven, they found out she is still alive.

She may be a ghost but Jane is still Jane – the sister who treats Monmon with tough love. She freaked out when he refused to finish his meal, sending the spoon in motion to let him know her message.

Monmon was the happiest when his ‘ate’ Jane woke up from the coma. However, trouble would continue to haunt their family and all he could do was pray for their safety. In a scene, Tiyang Berta (Maria Isabel Lopez) heard Monmon tell God in prayer, “Wala na pong bawian ah.” He fears losing his sister again.

Jane must be the strictest sister on earth but Monmon sees nothing but love beneath her tough facade. Thus, he is her number one fan. When she decided to expose Andrea (Mylene Dizon)’s crime, she got her family’s full support, especially Monmon who felt so proud of her strength and fighting spirit. He called her ‘lodi’ and volunteered as her bodyguard, his charm giving Jane a reason to smile despite the threats.

Do you also have a Monmon in your life, Kapamilya?

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