LoiNie’s Kiss in Love In 40 Days

In the past years that they’ve been in the industry, Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte have not only made us kilig with their team-up on-and-off-screen, but also impressed us with their acting chops that they exhibited in the teleseryes they starred in, with Love In 40 Days as their present project.

And in this episode of Kapamilya React, they enthusiastically talked about their television stints through the years as they looked back on some of their most remarkable scenes.

In Love In 40 Days, Loisa and Ronnie have been making our primetime viewing spookily kilig with their team-up as the ghost Jane and the mortal Edward. They were shown their thrilling kissing scene, which they described as the hardest and most challenging scenes they’ve ever done in a teleserye.

Although it’s normal for couples like them to kiss, but that one’s totally different since they just did not have a peck but a tad longer and more passionate one. According to Loisa, they were supposed to just do a smack since it was written on the script, so they were surprised when Direk Manny Palo yelled “galaw, galaw” instead of “cut.” Doing so made them realize how difficult it was to execute those kinds of scene because, arguably, nobody would teach the right way to kiss.

When asked what their initial reaction was upon receiving this offer, Ronnie said that they it didn’t take them a long time to accept it because they immediately got hooked with its storyline just on the very first time that they received it. As fans of unique and refreshing narratives, they also aim to work on projects that would deliver something new to the viewers and, as much as possible, shy away from typical or cliché narratives.

With regards to the advantages and disadvantages of topbilling Love In 40 Days opposite each other, Loisa mentioned that being in the lock-in taping together is beneficial to them as it prevented them from missing one another. Meanwhile, their sweetness as a couple posed as a challenge for them to persuade the audiences that they hate each other. Thus, they had to stop vlogging for a while in order to provide mystery to the viewers and to maintain the momentum of their characters.

Working from their firs team-up in Wansapanataym Presents Gelli In Bottle to Love In 40 Days taught Loisa that she should not simply accept whatever is being offered to her nor just set her eyes on salary, but to also consider the substance of each project being pitched to her. This way, she would not only allow herself to grow, but to show people that she’s capable of doing more.

“Minahal ko lang din ‘yong trabaho ko, pero doon ko na-realize na dapat hindi ‘to tungkol sa pera. Dapat mahal mo ‘yong trabaho mo ‘di lang dahil sa may sweldo ka. Kasi kung sweldo lang ang [hahabulin] mo, mapapagod ka talaga. Dapat mahal mo ‘yong acting…’yong craft,” she uttered.

Ronnie, on the other hand, is simply proud of how he has improved from the very first time that he displayed his acting talent ‘til now that he’s starring in Love In 40 Days. He also echoed his girlfriend-slash-loveteam partner’s statement about being stricter in choosing the next projects they’re going to take on.

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