Yam Concepcion reveals how she does Dana Wong’s makeup!

Madly in love yet viciously evil, Dana Wong is the woman we all love to hate. But how does Yam Concepcion, the actress breathing life to this potentially iconic character, manages to give us a cathartic experience so real we forget it’s just an act? First, she begins with the aesthetics right after jumping out of bed in the morning. In this video, Yam tells us how she paints her face with Dana’s trademark makeup look, sans the ‘hilamos’ but extra gorgeous.

For lazy girls who do not want to spend much time getting ready in the morning, Yam shares the perfect answer to your prayers –eyelash extensions! The Love Thy Woman star wakes up to a full, on-fleek lashes that she’s totally in love with.

Take down notes if you wish to copy Dana’s fierce and striking ‘lewk.’ Yam begins by applying aloe vera gel on her face. Using her fingers, she applies small amounts of two different brands of liquid foundation as base. Don’t go overboard with this step to avoid cakey coverage. 

Sculpt the features with a contour kit. Waking up with a puffy face in the morning, Yam swears by this technique but she makes sure not to overdo it. She said an exaggerated contour can make you look older. The key is to blend the cream using an ample-sized brush. 

Yam takes her ‘magical’ concealer next and applies it under her eyes. “I don’t have dark under-eye, ang problema lang is puffy siya, so kailangan ko lang mag subside ‘yung puffiness niya.” She brightens her chin, nose line and glabella (the skin between the eyebrows) using the same concealer.

Without her semi-permanent eyelash extensions on, Yam usually applies falsies in three complicated steps. In this tutorial, she goes straight to grooming the eyebrows with a gel liner and a powder kit. But first, she sets the brows with hair clay. 

The eye shadow and blush-one are next. For the lips, Yam uses the same bright orange-red shade she used to doll up her other iconic character Jade Flores-Bartolome in Halik. She puts on a nude shade when shooting casual indoor scenes.

Lastly, Yam sets her glowed-up look with a spray-on sunscreen to protect her skin from the harsh lightings on the set. Hers was sent by good friend Ria Atayde.  

Voila! After less than thirty minutes, Yam is ready to slay as the fierce and fearsome Dana Wong. But first, coffee and some serious script-reading!