Love Thy Woman rouses netizens with #LTWPaghaharap episode

Avid viewers of the afternoon soap opera Love Thy Woman absolutely were not able to hold their intense emotions upon witnessing the sizzling confrontations and showdowns among its charactes in the March 13 episode tagged us #LTWPaghaharap.

The said episode revealed how the tempest in the lives of the Wong half-sisters have gone into a livid downspiral.

After Dana (Yam Concepcion) assaulted Jia (Kim Chiu) after the latter admitted her affair with David (Xian Lim) during what should have been a night of celebration for their family’s company and its success, everything that followed just became worse.

Dana was helpless after seeing the video of her confrontation with Jia that it was clear she has fully recovered and can walk again, Lucy (Eula Valdes) became very disappointed and mad at her for lying and making all of them believe that she was weak even though she knew her family was very worried about her health. It turns out Dana had feigned her condition just to stop her annulment with David as a form of vengeance against both her husband and Jia. David had filed an annulment petition after Dana’s maltreatment when she suspected him of the indiscretion.

As she tried to think things through, Lucy believed Dana was feeling the same amount of pain when she first knew of Kai’s (Sunshine Cruz) affair with her husband Adam (Christopher de Leon). Lucy thought the pain Dana felt was even worse because she actually got to hurt Jia. Even though Lucy was told to not justify the wrongdoing of her daughter, she still argued that it’s natural for one who was betrayed to be consumed in extreme anger.

Dana then showed David that she has fully recovered from her supposed illness. David, however, lashed out at her for manipulating all of them. But Dana did not seem sorry for what she’s done, instead, she even warned her husband than no one leaves her. In other words, she won’t let the annulment happen.

Netizens' rave reactions

Here are some of the netizens' wildest and fervent reactions that attest on how affected they were in latest episode, showing how completely invested they are with Love Thy Woman:

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