7 times the Los Bastardos boys flaunted their well-chiseled, sexy bodies

The Cardinal brothers are far too distinct from one another. Each of them grew up having different families, who shaped their character. Thus, they all have their dissimilar take on life situations which make them clash now that they are already part of each other’s lives.

However, no matter how contrasting their personalities are, they all have one common thing: they possess fit bodies that just heat up the summer season even more! Here are the top 7 hottest scenes wherein the Los Bastardos boys showed us their well-chiseled sexy bods.

1. Joaquin at the fight club

In this scene, we can see why Joaquin (Diego Loyzaga) has a sexy body. He brawls with different oppositions in the fight club, which he considers as a sport. During the fight, we witness how every punch makes him even stronger and more determined to win the game.


2. Joaquin waking up with a pair of girls


As we all know, one of the perks of having a sexy body is being physically attractive especially to the opposite sex. Being young and free, Joaquin makes sure to enjoy this advantage. Nevertheless, perhaps we can agree that both his parents are morally right in giving him the advice to stop playing games and start thinking about settling down with the woman he loves.


3. Connor preparing for his revenge mission


Growing up having the pressure to survive in this world we live in, and having planned a revenge mission, staying fit is one important factor for Connor (Joshua Colet). While he does his routine, Lupita (Mica Javier) comes up to him and offered him a job which fits him, thanks to his strength.


4. Lucas saving himself and Dianne at the fight club

Looking for Joaquin after his disappearance, Lucas (Albie Casino) and Cardinal Distillery’s secretary Dianne (Ritz Azul) got trapped in the fight club. Their lives were put in danger as the owner of the place demands them to make up for Joaquin’s absence in his scheduled fight. Fortunately, Lucas knows how to take a punch because he exercises to be fit as well.


5. Connor having his wound cleaned and cured by Lupita

Of course, being strong doesn’t mean that you are set to win all the time and get what you want. Connor learned this lesson after failing to steal money from the Cardinal Distillery. Lucky for him, he has Lupita by his side to help him clean and cure his wound.


6. Lorenzo exercising as he kick-starts his longtime plan

Similar with Connor, Lorenzo (Joseph Marco) also knows that having a revenge mission requires him to be physically fit. He conditions his body which contributes to his mental development, as he reviews the profiles of the Cardinal family.

7. Isagani saving Connor from drowning


Upon knowing that Connor’s life is in danger, Isagani (Jake Cuenca) didn’t hesitate to go where his brother is and save him from drowning. Aside from his kind heart, Isagani knew that with his strong muscles and endurance, there’s a high probability that he will successfully be able to pull Connor out of the deep waters.

More than just parading their hot beach bodies, these hunks also showed us the importance of being physically fit. Being fit enables us to do more in life like saving ourselves or even other people in situations where physical strength is needed. Having an active life and a fit body increase our endurance and agility. Plus, we all know how it makes an individual irresistibly attractive, right? Hence, let us all workout to have a fit body like these Cardinal brothers on Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Los Bastardos, weekdays after Kadenang Ginto on Kapamilya Gold.