FATHER’S DAY 2019: These Los Bastardos are fortunate to have a contrite, loving father in Don Roman

For sure, we would always want to make, in any way, our fathers or the father figures in our lives proud as we want to give back to the hard work and the love they have always showed us. Some of us may probably not be able to tell them everyday ‘I love you, dad’ or ‘Thank you, dad’ for whatever reason we may have.

Thankfully, we have a Father’s Day to make our dads feel special and loved! It wouldn’t cost much to show them how we love and appreciate them. A lot of us are actually blessed to have known our fathers ever since we were born unlike those who did not have the chance to be with their fathers growing up, much less even knowing him, like the brothers in Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Los Bastardos.

Five of the six sons of Don Roman (Ronaldo Valdez) did not know who their real father is. Only the late Joaquin (Diego Loyzaga), who grew up with Don Roman, was able to get the love and attention from their father throughout his short life. The rest of the Don Roman’s sons - Isagani (Jake Cuenca),  Matteo (Marco Gumabao), Lucas (Albie Casiño), Connor (Joshua Colet), and Lorenzo (Joseph Marco) grew up not knowing they are all related to each other but as the story progressed, little by little, destiny intertwined their separate lives, and they realized that they share the same blood.

Conflicts shown in the story root from the hopes of all sons to win the heart of their dad even if it meant fighting one another and becoming rivals. However, Don Roman has always been seen to show what his role as their father still is. Let us look on each moment of the Los Bastardos with their dad.



Lucas already confronted Don Roman about the unjust treatment of Alba Santillan, Joaquin’s mom, to them especially to his mother Sita, one of the helpers in the Cardinal Mansion. However, Don Roman said he is the one to be blamed for their suffering. That is why he did not hesitate anymore to tell the truth that Lucas is a Cardinal, that he is his son. Lucas cannot believe the revelation about his identity and is at a loss for words.



Isagani finally meets Don Roman and introduces his liquor creation, which Don Roman has been interested in. After getting to taste the coco brandy of Isagani, Don Roman right away asked Isagani if he’s interested in having a partnership with Cardinal Distillery, however, Isagani did not immediately accept the offer and asked for some time to think of it. Meanwhile, Joaquin did not want the presence of Isagani and even warned him of what can happen if he chooses to work with his dad. That is why he planned of sabotaging Isagani’s factory, but later on, when they were already about to do the plan, Joaquin remembered that having a coco brandy is his father’s newfound dream so in the end, he chose not to pursue the plan.



Matteo finally decided to have a blood test for Don Roman. He admitted that at first, he got scared, but everytime he remembered how Don Roman and Consuelo Cuevas took care of him and loved him, he felt like it would be very rude of him to not give back to them. He accepted how his brothers think of him as a terrible guy, but he said that what only matters to him is his father’s safety.



While looking at the picture of Soledad, Don Roman said that sometimes, he wished he can just go back to the past where he’s happy with her, but he also accepted the fact that he is living in the present and that he needed to be strong for his sons. Meanwhile, Connor showed up to him. Don Roman apologized to his son for all the time he missed with him while he was growing up. He said that while he can accept Connor’s anger, he could not take his son saying straight to his face that it’s too late for him to be a father.



Looking through the photos of his mother Soledad, Isagani remembers what Don Roman has said about her - that she is the strongest and toughest woman he knew. And, when Don Roman had to study and work in Manila before, Soledad remained faithful and their relationship just got stronger. He also remembers how Don Roman has been with Soledad in happiness and in sadness, and in building new dreams. Don Roman feels grateful for finally being with his son, Isagani, after a very long time of thinking he was already gone. Isagani was in tears of happiness after all that his father said to him.



Lorenzo took his time to talk to Don Roman in order to apologize for everything he has done. He admitted to his father that he grew up in anger and hatred, thinking all along that Don Roman tried to kill his mother. He revealed that the reason why he came back and wanted to be connected with Don Roman was just to make life difficult for him. In the end, he asked for his father’s forgiveness.

Amid all the trouble, the anger, the ordeals and the violence that gripped their lives, these Los Bastardos are fortunate sharing an amiable, contrite and understanding father in Don Roman.