5 reasons why Los Bastardos will set our afternoons ablaze

Yet another compelling drama is set to unfold that will set our afternoons ablaze.

And this is yet another book in the vast array of bestsellers from Precious Hearts Romances brought to life that will keep our hearts pounding and eyes fixed on every gripping, explosive scene.

Precious Hearts Romances Presents Los Bastardos is definitely something to watch out for and here are five reasons why you should!

1) Eye-catching ensemble

5 reasons why Los Bastardos will set our afternoons ablaze 1
People are talking about the fascinating cast of well-bodied leading men and alluring women who further brighten our afternoons.  And not only will they glare our vision, they will also astonish us with their impressive acting performances that will surely grip us daily.

Who would switch channels if they see Jake Cuenca, Diego Loyzaga, Albie Casino, Marco Gumabao and Joshua Colet onscreen and witness their acting prowess and scorching appeal? And why would find another afternoon program when you see the likes of Jane Oineza, Ritz Azul, Mica Javier, Mary Joy Apostol, and beauty queens Maxine Medina and Kylie Verzosa deliver breathtaking, sizzling acting highlights?

2) Exceptional cast

5 reasons why Los Bastardos will set our afternoons ablaze 2








Aside from the aforementioned actors, showbiz luminaries have been added to the exceptional cast making Precious Hearts Romances Presents Los Bastardos a must-watch.

When you chance upon the name Ronaldo Valdez in the cast, you’ll surely anticipate quite a remarkable portrayal, especially when he's the central character to which Los Bastardos revolve around. An exciting addition is the ever-superb Rosanna Roces, who is set to make her first major appearance in a Kapamilya teleserye. Other notable cast members include Pinky Amador, Perla Bautista, Lito Pimental, Joyce Ann Burton, Isabel Rivas, Ana Abad Santos, and Efren Reyes, Jr. with guest appearances of Cristine Reyes, Geoff Eigenmann, Roxanne Barcelo, Danita Paner, Katya Santos, and Dante Rivero.

3) Breakthrough performances

Expect daring stints from cast members playing their breakthrough roles in the series. Marco Gumabao and Joshua Colet may have portrayed numerous supporting roles in teleseryes and drama anthologies, yet this is the first time we’ll see them in lead roles. They will surely invite much attention and adulation as they will prove their worth that they what it takes to make it in the business. Same with Mica Javier, beauty queens Kylie Verzosa and Maxine Medina, and the award-winning Mary Joy Apostol, who already astounded us with her riveting portrayal in "Birdshot."

4) Gripping story



Based on the bestselling Precious Hearts Romances novel Cardinal Bastards by Vanessa, the narrative is quite gripping as it is provocative. Five sons or supposed bastards all out to claim what they think is rightfully theirs—power and affluence of the one father they all share—and the deceitful, self-serving schemes they will do to attain it. We expect incredible and heart-wrenching backstories that will make us fully comprehend their plight and drive. Clearly, this will ignite our senses, all presented with fervor by the acclaimed RSB production unit behind the successful Wildflower series.

5) Scorching romances

What is a Precious Hearts Romances story without the romance? We are sure to witness scorching, heartwarming, and ship-enducing love stories among the main protagonists that will keep us glued daily. With the mysteries that are set to be unraveled and the twists and turns that will shock us, the thrilling and electrifying love teams are definitely what will make the drama even more interesting and sensually addicting.

Aren’t these enough reasons to prove that Precious Hearts Romances Presents Los Bastardos is a must-see? Watch its premiere telecast on Monday, October 15 after Kadenang Ginto on Kapamilya Gold.