How unconditional love changed Connor’s vengeful heart on Los Bastardos
How unconditional love changed Connor s vengeful heart on Los Bastardos 1

Even when his journey on Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Los Bastardos began, we already knew Connor (Joshua Colet) would bring trouble to the Cardinal family. After all the traumatic events he experienced during his childhood, hatred filled his heart and all his longing of having a loving family vanished. His mother Pilar (Pinky Amador) did not only feed him with lies and told him that his father abandoned him, she also rejected Connor and sold him for money.

Fortunately, right before he was about to be sexually abused by the man his mother sold him to, Connor was rescued by Fausto (Jeffrey Santos), a con artist who raised him on the same path. While he was busy swindling money from rich and powerful people, in hopes to find his wealthy father and exact his cruel revenge towards him, Connor meets Lupita (Mica Javier). Captivated by her beauty and her mysterious personality while learning that she is on the same line of “business”, he did everything he can to get her attention. They eventually became partners and helped in each other’s mission.

However, their tandem stopped when Connor asked help from Lupita in destroying the Cardinal family. Lupita opposed Connor’s revenge plan. Seeing that the Cardinal family is a loving kind, she urged him to change his ways and treasure his family rather than destroy them.

Blinded and consumed with resentment, Connor still pushed through his evil plans towards the Cardinal family alone. His first attacks were towards Isagani (Jake Cuenca). Connor burned down the warehouse of Coco Brandy and tried to conceal the truth after learning that Isagani is a legitimate son of their father Don Roman Cardinal (Ronaldo Valdez). When the truth about him and his other brothers went out, he teamed up with Matteo (Marco Gumabao) to possess all the riches of their father. Eventually, they both betrayed each other. This led Connor to take personal revenge towards the deceitful Matteo and the good Isagani who always prevented his plans from succeeding. Connor slept with Matteo’s girlfriend Gigi (Jane Oineza) and attempted to rape Isay (Maxine Medina).

Yet amid all the mess Connor got himself in, Lupita still tried to stop him from completely turning into a heartless monster. The night he attempted to rape Isay, Lupita came to stop him and kept him safe from Isagani’s wrath.

When he experienced one of the ultimate consequences of his wrong doings, which is almost dying from drowning at the lake, Isagani came to save him despite all his sins.

Considering Lupita and Isagani’s acts of love towards him, Connor started to see things clearly. He took his first step towards change when he took the opportunity of being on the lowest, darkest point of his life to put into words and release all his anger and hatred to his father Don Roman. Hearing his father say sorry and speak about his great love for him as his child, and experiencing mercy instead of punishment from all his evil acts, Connor decided to change for the better.

After realizing that he needed to give himself a chance to have a better life too after all the endless chances his family gave him, Connor decided to forgive his father and worked hard to achieve a better life with his family. He shared everything he can with his brothers, Don Roman and Soledad (Gloria Diaz). Eventually, he was able to earn their trust and gain a position in the Cardinal family business.

While progressively learning on how to deal with his brothers, Connor also established a solid kind of friendship with their family secretary Diane (Ritz Azul), whom he helped in her love problems.

Aside from Diane, Connor had a mother figure in Aling Marta (Perla Bautista). She became his voice of reason and his confidante especially about his love problems with Lupita. After the night she stopped him from raping Isay, Lupita distanced herself from Connor. Although he tried to pursue her many times and told her how much he truly loves her, Lupita had a hard time believing him.

Despite Lupita’s rejection, Connor continued to let love change him. He continued to prove his great love for the Cardinal family by risking his life several times on their war with Señora Catalina (Jean Saburit).

Connor ultimately showed how selfless he can be for love when he chose to sacrifice himself for Lupita. He took the bomb and saved the woman he loves from dying.

Although his brothers Isagani, Lorenzo and Lucas (Albie Casiño) tried to find him in hopes that he managed to save himself from the bomb he placed on his body, Connor is unsearchable in the middle of the sea. 

From being a merciless con artist, Connor has indeed transformed into a good man who is ready to sacrifice everything for love. Is it really too late for him to have a blissful life with Lupita?

Find out in Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Los Bastardos, which airs weekdays on Kapamilya Gold.