5 explosive scenes that rocked the lives of the Cardinal Brothers in Los Bastardos
5 explosive scenes that rocked the lives of the Cardinal Brothers in Los Bastardos 1

It is indeed quite difficult for the Cardinal Brothers to get along. Having different mothers and raised in dissimilar environments, Isagani (Jake Cuenca), Lorenzo (Joseph Marco), Matteo (Marco Gumabao), Connor (Joshua Colet) and Lucas (Albie Casiño) would have their own way of dealing with the fact that they have the same father, Don Roman Cardinal (Ronaldo Valdez). They would clash incessantly and as their tempers flare, most of the time, their violent encounters lead to actual explosions, which eventually changed their lives.

As we approach the end of the tale of these Cardinal Brothers, let’s look back at those top five explosive scenes that altered their journeys in Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Los Bastardos.

1. Explosion of Isagani’s business warehouse

When Connor still had a vengeful heart towards his father, he mainly clashed with Isagani. Even before they all discovered that Isagani is Don Roman’s long lost legitimate son, the two already had a special, unexplainable connection beyond being very good business partners. When Connor saw this, he intentionally burned down the warehouse of Isagani’s Coco Brandy. However, this just made Don Roman grow more compassionate to help Isagani and as they became closer, they eventually found out the truth that connects them.

2. The bombing during the ribbon-cutting event of Lorenzo’s resort

Although Matteo hated the Cardinals, he ordered his henchman to put a bomb on the entrance door of Lorenzo’s newly opened resort during its launching event so that it would not cause harm yet stoke fear. Unbeknownst to him, his adoptive father Don Menandro Silverio (Lito Pimentel) paid his henchman double and told him to plant the bomb inside the building where the attendees were mingling. This caused the death of Sita (Ana Abad Santos), Lucas’ mother. As a result, Lucas would go all out to take revenge on Matteo, even if it was not his doing and actually mourned Sita’s death.

3. Entrapment of Cardinal Brothers inside a cave

In their efforts to stop Lucas from killing Matteo, Isagani, Isay (Maxine Medina), Lorenzo and Dulce (Kylie Verzosa) got trapped inside a cave after explosions rocked the area. By the time those bombs detonated, Lucas already got out of the cave as well as Matteo who was quick to save only himself. This life and death situation drew Isay and Isagani closer to each other eventually led them to fall in love and get married. It also proved that Connor has changed for the better as he rescued them out of that place.

4. Menandro’s death

Although this was not due to intentional bombing, the accidental effects of the brawl between Matteo and Don Menandro turned it into one explosive scene. Finally having the perfect chance to take his revenge against his adoptive father who never loved him and made him suffer his whole life, Matteo left Don Menandro to die inside the burning house they were in. With Don Menandro’s death, Matteo avenged the deaths of his mother Madeleine (Joyce Ann Burton) and Sita.

5. Connor’s sacrificial act for his beloved Lupita

Ultimately proving his love for Lupita (Mica Javier), Connor takes the bomb away from her and bestowed it on himself. After this, Lupita finally gained freedom from the Silverios and found a home with the Cardinal family. She and the whole Cardinal family tirelessly searched for Connor, until they finally found him weeks later alive and well, surviving that heroic act of love for Lupita.

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