Love, family, and bravery prevail in Los Bastardos finale
Love family and bravery prevail in Los Bastardos finale 1

In the run-up to the finale of the hit afternoon series “Los Bastardos,” the Cardinal brothers will encounter the biggest battle of their lives—make their family whole again in the face of Catalina’s (Jean Saburit) evil plans using only their love for family and bravery as their strongest weapons.

Their tireless search for Connor (Joshua Colet) and effort to win back Matteo (Marco Gumabao) from their enemies’ hands have given Isagani (Jake Cuenca), Lucas (Albie Casiño), Lorenzo (Joseph Marco) hope as Catalina’s forces begin to fall one by one.

But the sly Catalina will try to hit the brothers where it will hurt them the most—the women they love—in an attempt to eventually kill them all.

Will the Cardinal brothers succeed in their quest in completing their family?

For over a year, viewers tuned in to the gripping story of “Los Bastardos,” which showed the strength of the Cardinal family who endured all obstacles together. The love story of Don Roman (Ronaldo Valdez) and Soledad (Gloria Diaz) shared valuable lessons to viewers as they stood the test of time and proved that love conquers all.

Their invincible love for each other also served as inspiration to their sons to brave all hardships head on and never quit. They had a rough start, but Isagani, Lorenzo, Lucas, and Connor have learned to accept and treat each other as brothers. Despite Matteo remaining an ally of their enemies, his brothers still look forward to welcoming him back.

The series was also a source of kilig as the brothers dedicated their lives to their partners Isay (Maxine Medina), Dianne (Ritz Azul), Coralyn (Mary Joy Apostol), and Lupita (Mica Javier), who all stayed with them in their toughest battles.

Since October 2018, “Los Bastardos” has been a consistent top rater in its timeslot, hitting an all-time high national TV rating of 20.3%, according to data from Kantar Media. It has also been a hit online as it constantly topped the trending topics on Twitter and garnered thousands of views on YouTube and iWant.

Watch out for the finale of “Los Bastardos” on ABS-CBN.