Jay-R reacts to Lupita’s intense scene with Connor on Los Bastardos

Amidst the confrontations, attempted murders, family drama and power struggles, Los Bastardos does have its moments of sweet romance. These are the brief intermissions before the bastardos fight each other, again. One pairing the show offers is Lupita and Connor who are portrayed by Mica Javier and Joshua Colet.

Much like every other tandem, they fell in love because of their common interests. It just so happens that for them that common interest is being con artists. Sparks flew the day they both attempted to steal the same blue diamond ring. From that point on their heated interactions have been a reason why viewers continue to love them individually and together.

Unfortunately, Connor dropped the ball when he chose anger over reason. They had a huge fight after Lupita stopped him from harming Isay (Maxine Medina). A lot has changed since then. He has learned his mistake, but the damage has been done and Lupita has moved on.

Is it really too late for Lupita and Connor? We hope not. And it seems fans are not the only ones rooting for the two to patch things up. Even Mica’s fiancé, Jay-R, is crossing his fingers. He showed his support by sharing clips of a scene on his Instagram stories.

Lupita, isnabera, pay attention to Connor,” Jay-R’s voice could be heard as Connor pleaded Lupita to take him back. “Stop being pakipot,” the RNB singer added. He even shouted at the screen, “Connor loves you,” like the rest of us. Jay-R also praised his bride-to-be’s toughness, “don’t mess with Lupita”. Then jokingly brought up a personal experience, “mahirap talaga ligawan ‘yang si Lupita”.

All kidding aside, men should take notes from Jay-R on how to be a proud and supportive partner!