How Isagani has set a good example as the eldest among the Cardinal brothers

Being the eldest son among the Cardinal brothers in Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Los Bastardos, Isagani Esperanza/Roman Cardinal, Jr. (Jake Cuenca) has indeed set a good example to us by the way he always keeps his values. Here are some of his admirable characteristics as a loving “kuya” to his younger brothers.

1. Selfless

Even though he grew up not knowing who his biological parents are, he was filled with abundant love by his adoptive parents, Bert (Efren Reyes, Jr.) and Irma (Rosanna Roces). Thus, he became a selfless man with a kind and gentle heart.

2. Dependable

When he came to know the Cardinals, Isagani didn’t immediately find out his real connection with them. Nevertheless, it didn’t hinder him to establish brotherhood with Joaquin (Diego Loyzaga) and Lucas (Albie Casino). More than being business partners with them, Isagani offered friendship and made every effort to let them see that they can depend on him no matter what the situation is.

3. Helps his brothers to succeed

While he was still starting to get to know his newfound “brothers”, Isagani’s time with Joaquin was cut short. Due to Joaquin’s absence, Isagani and Lucas took over the responsibility to oversee the operations in the Cardinal Distillery. With this, Isagani became much closer to Lucas and their harmonious partnership helped bring out the best in each other.

4. Keeps himself composed


Eventually, Isagani learned the truth about himself. And in knowing that he is the eldest son of Don Roman Cardinal (Ronaldo Valdez), Isagani knew that he bears the responsibility to look over his brothers. So, when he came to know about Matteo’s (Marco Gumabao) violent behavior towards the two special women in his life namely Dulce (Kylie Verzosa) and Isay (Maxine Medina), he went to confront Matteo. Although Matteo tends to be really provocative, Isagani managed to keep himself calm while making sure that his younger brother received his warning.

5. Always aims to have a forgiving heart


After receiving a call from Lorenzo (Joseph Marco), Isagani didn’t hesitate to save Connor (Joshua Colet) from drowning which can lead to his death. Despite of the fact that Connor has done many evil deeds, Isagani still chose to be a “kuya” and saved his brother. His heroic deed contributed to Connor’s change of heart.

 6. Knows how to protect his brothers



Staying true to his word about giving Connor a second chance, Isagani tried to forgive him and understand him even though Isagani learned that Connor almost raped Isay. And during the event when the unaware Don Roman introduced Isay to Connor, Isagani kept his mouth shut while still being able to comfort Isay. He didn’t expose Connor’s sin in front of their father because he knew that because it isn’t his story to tell.


7. Gives good advice


Witnessing how Lucas is destroying his life after Sita’s (Ana Abad Santos) death, Isagani goes to give a good and loving advice to his younger brother. He tried to make Lucas see how much they all care for him, aiming to help Lucas move on and recover from Sita’s death


8. Peacemaker

Even though he and his brothers Lorenzo, Connor and Lucas are all seeking to find justice for Sita’s death, Isagani isn’t blind to see that his three younger brothers’ different personalities are adding up to their problem. Lorenzo, Connor and Lucas always fight with each other, being aggressive to do what they think is the best solution to solve the case. With this, Isagani spoke to them and begged them to have some self-control.

Clearly, Isagani bears the qualities of a good “kuya” everyone would wish to have. He shares his skills and knowledge to help his brothers succeed. Also, he always chooses to be rational and always tries to love and understand his brothers as much as he can. Thus, it is unquestionable for him to have gain the respect of his brothers.