Poll: Marco and Jane’s MatGi pair is Los Bastardos hottest love team, say netizens

Everyday, our afternoons have turned wilder and hotter as the five dashing leading men of Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Los Bastardos, together with their six equally gorgeous leading ladies, never fail to titillate us with their unmistakable chemistry, as seen on the kilig and steamy scenes they share on-screen.

Since many of us are hooked with the stirring storyline and the exciting romances that have been simultaneously blooming among the main characters, we came up with the fun idea of launching a Kapamilya Poll on the official Facebook page of ABS-CBN to ask netizens on who among the six lovely pairings sizzles the most for them.

Going through the comments, majority voted for the fiery tandem of Matteo Silverio and Gigi Octavio (or MatGi), characterized by Marco Gumabao and Jane Oineza, who immediately treated us to a scorching love scene on the very first time they graced our screens together. Among the pairs in this roster, they are the only ones who are in a relationship. Since they both brandish strong personas, it’s truly admirable how they tend to be poignant during their “babe time”.

Snagging the runner-up post is the “Team Rockstar”, comprised by hotshot young boss Joaquin Cardinal (Diego Loyzaga) and his ever-dependable Executive Assistant Dianne Liwanag (Ritz Azul), who thrilled us with their relatable affair. Being together almost round the clock for a very long time, it’s not surprising anymore if Dianne will get to know him thoroughly inside and out and can easily figure out how to make him smile everytime he’s having a bad day. Unbeknownst to Joaquin, she’s been secretly in love with him.

Truly a match made in heaven, CoPita came in third. They may often engage in skirmishes, but it’s obvious how they seem to harbor special feelings towards one another basing on their actions. Both possessing astonishing flair in martial arts and unwavering courage and cleverness, Connor Davide (Joshua Colet) and Lupita (Mica Javier) are indeed doing a great job as partners-in-crime in every mission given to them.

Apparently, Jake Cuenca’s Isagani Esperanza is indeed the luckiest dude in the series for two beautiful women adores him – Dulce Silverio (Kylie Versoza) and Isay (Maxine Medina) – who are both his childhood best friends. But between them, it’s Dulce who holds a greater weight in his heart for he has been in love with her ever since their younger years. Well, the feeling has been mutual but their societal status and the conflict between their families have been hindering them to be together.

Unbeknownst to them, the romantic bond they share is taking a toll on Isay, who has been unrequitedly in love with Isagani. It’s indeed painful, but she still chooses to stick by his side to show his support to them and to give him words of encouragement although it’s crushing her heart and soul to bits.

Last, but definitely not the least, is the cute team-up of Lucas Aguilar (Albie Casiño) and Coralyn (Mary Joy Apostol), or collectively dubbed “LuLyn”, that represents those people who fell in love in their best friend. Through ups and downs, she has been his most trusted confidant to whom he can share everything he feels, thinks, or aspires without being judged.

Whatever their ranking is, each of these pairs bear something unique in them that brings thrill to the avid viewers. 

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