On the set of Los Bastardos: Alba meets Alba


If there is one thing Alba from Los Bastardos has taught us, it is that age is just a number. Whether it is Roxanne Barcelo portraying the young villainess or Isabel Rivas as the current actress behind the role, Alba’s wickedness knows no bounds.
She started this whole mess. In the past, we witnessed how Alba stopped at nothing to become the wife of Roman (Ronaldo Valdez / Geoff Eignemann). It was her that caused the death of Roman’s first wife Soledad (Cristine Reyes) which pushed him to seek love in different women. Now, she is continuing her tirade and is set to keep Joaquin on his pedestal as the heir of Cardinal Distillery. And as the secrets begin to unravel themselves, with most recently Lucas (Albie Casino) discovering that he is a Cardinal, she is prepared for any battle.
So, in this world where everyone seems to be her enemy, who can Alba befriend? No one, but herself!
Roxanne posted on her Instagram Stories a behind the scenes treat for Kapamilyas. It was the moment she finally met Isabel. “Nice to meet you in person,” Roxanne stated as they greeted each other with a tight hug. “The real Alba,” she added as they stand face to face. “At ikaw din ang real Alba,” the veteran actress replied.
There is no doubt in the viewers’ minds that they can both share the credit for how hated the character is. Alba was evil before and she has only grown even more so with age. All thanks to Roxanne and Isabel’s tag team performance.
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