Rhys, Mark, Aljon, Jeremiah reveal first heartbreak, celebrity crushes on Kapamilya Confessions

The “Four Bad Boys and Me” male stars Rhys Miguel Eugenio, Jeremiah Lisbo, Aljon Mendoza, and Mark Rivera took on the fun First and Last Challenge and answered interesting questions from netizens in this episode of Kapamilya Confessions.

In the First and Last Challenge, the boys were first asked about their “first-ever date,” Mark shared that it has actually happened eight years ago. Jeremiah, on the other hand, remembered that during his high school days, he used to save his allowance to treat the girl he was dating then. Aljon meanwhile revealed that before, he wasn’t really interested in dating and in relationships in general. But he admitted that he enjoys the company of his co-ex housemate Karina Bautista. Rhys also had his first date was when he was in the 8th grade and invited the girl to watch a movie that time.

They were then asked about the “first person to ever break their heart.” Jeremiah reacted, “Personalan ‘yung mga tanong” and laughed it off. But to answer the question, Jeremiah shared that he only had one girlfriend and she’s the one who broke his heart. Aljon also answered the same which was his first girlfriend. Meanwhile, Mark’s last ex-girlfriend caused his heartbreak in 2017. Lastly, Rhys also said it was his first girlfriend who broke his heart and he even shared what caused their breakup, saying that he didn’t like the way her friends were backstabbing his buddies when they hung out once.

The guys were then asked who their first celebrity crush was. Mark said his first celebrity crush, who he continues to admire up to now is Heart Evangelista. He shared he was really in awe when he saw the actress for the first time. Meanwhile, Jeremiah said his first celebrity crush was Anne Curtis. Aljon shared that it was Ylona Garcia and he said the young actress knows it already. Lastly, Rhys had a crush on Selena Gomez first.

Next they were quizzed on the first thing they notice in someone, and Mark, Rhys, and Aljon said it’s the eyes of a person, but Jeremiah said it’s someone’s whole face that he notices instantly. After that, they shared what their most recent post on Instagram was. Jeremiah and Rhys’ last posts were both for the promotion of “The Four Bad Boys and Me,” while Mark’s latest picture was during the wedding of his friend, and Aljon’s last post was a simple picture of him in a red polo.

The questions that followed were about their lasts. They were asked when was the last time they said ‘I love you’. For Mark, it was to his parents who are currently in Italy. Meanwhile, Jeremiah said it recently to the group chat of Rise Artists Studio. Aljon and Rhys both said it was during the day they had this live chat. The four answered this last question before moving on to netizen queries: When was the last time they cried? Both Jeremiah and Mark said it was while watching a TV series. Aljon said the last time he cried was during one of his sad nights. Lastly, Rhys said that it just happened a week ago.

Netizens then asked Mark and Jeremiah how was the experience working with Kaori Oinuma. Mark said the young star has really been sweet, nice, professional and fun to be with. Jeremiah said he really looks up to Kaori as he witnessed how she dedicates all her efforts in her work. He added there was even this one time where they did a shoot on her birthday but Kaori maintained her vibrance and energy by working the whole day.

For the final question, the boys were asked if they found it hard portraying bad boys in the movie. Mark said couldn’t really say that he found it difficult to play his character because he kind of absorbed the qualities of some bad boys he has watched in movies and teleseryes. Aljon also said it wasn’t hard for him, not because he is naturally a bad boy, but because he just studied his character well and knew he needed to portray it well. Lastly, Jeremiah mentioned the directors really helped him a lot in portraying his character well.

Other stars who topbill the “The Four Bad Boys and Me,” which is an adaptation of the Wattpad novel written by Tina Lata, are Kaori Oinuma, Karina Bautista, Chie Filomeno, Alora Sasam, Jenny Jamora, presented by Maymay Entrata. The Star Cinema offering is directed by Joel Ferror and is  currently streaming on OKS.abs-cbn.com.