Kaori, Rhys reveal dream roles, Kapamilya stars they want to work with

Kaori Oinuma and Rhys Miguel, lead stars of the digital series Listen To Love’s “The Four Bad Boys and Me,” appeared on Hotspot with DJ Jhai Ho to reveal stories and share experiences filming this Wattpad novel adaptation.

Kaori portrays Candice Gonzales, a nerd and introvert who prefers to be left alone most of the time, whereas Rhys plays the role of Jeydon Lopez, considered the “baddest” among the group of the Four Bad Boys—a famous rich and arrogant dude who always bullies people around him.

Rhys expressed hope that fans of the Wattpad novel, and followers of their KaoRhys love team would really watch the series. But he also didn’t deny he was worried that fans would possibly not appreciate their version of the story. However, he used that anxiety as a motivation to give his best for the project. Because of this, Rhys said he is very thankful to all those who have watched The Four Bad Boys and Me,” which, in less than a week, already garnered almost a million views on YouTube.

Meanwhile, Kaori also had the same sentiments, expressing her initial fears about viewers’ reaction to the series. But her worries turned into ecstasy after learning that it was the top trending topic on Twitter during its pilot airing, as viewers congratulated her for her performance.

As a loveteam, Kaori and Rhys shared that they didn’t actually feel or notice that they enjoy incredible chemistry together, until people just pointed it out. Rhys said that it’s just the result of their efforts in making other people happy, because as they succeed in doing it, they themselves also make each other happy as well. On the other hand, Kaori said that she actually questioned how people see the chemistry. But Kaori affirmed that when she herself watched the first episode. She shared that she felt kilig while watching the scenes of Candice and Jeydon. She added that the authenticity of their acting added to their effectivity as an onscreen pair.

DJ JhaiHo also asked the two if they get pressured every time the fans would say that they’re hoping they end up together in real life. Rhys said that he actually doesn’t pay attention to it and as much as possible he tries to stay out of it so he can still keep his private life with himself. He added that he likes to keep matters like that between just him and Kaori, who also said the same thing. She added that they are not rushing on anything.

As for their dream roles and both Kaori and Rhys actually want to portray characters in an action film or series. Aside from action, Kaori also wants to do a drama film or series where she can play the role of a villain. And Rhys wants to do projects similar to the “Fast and the Furious” in Hollywood. As for the Kapamilya celebrities they want to work with in the future, James Reid, Enrique Gil, and Anne Curtis are part of Rhys’ list while it’s also James and Enrique, as well as Liza Soberano, Angel Locsin, and Bea Alonzo for Kaori.

Kaori also showcased her collection of merchandise of her favorite K-pop idol group EXO. The first thing that Kaori showed was her first hoodie which she bought in Japan. She also shared spending her first ever salary in buying that hoodie. Kaori also had EXO sticky notes and pictures, which she received as gifts from friends. Kairo shared that she doesn’t even display the pictures on the wall because she doesn’t want it to accumulate dirt. Kaori said that she started to become a fan of EXO when she used one of the group’s songs for a dance performance when she was in 7th grade.

Meanwhile, Rhys also has a collection of baseballs and toy cars. He shared that it started collecting those items when he was young. He would always buy himself a baseball at any place in the world he goes or have his parents get them when they go on a vacation somewhere. He showed his collection of baseballs he got from different cities like San Francisco, Chicago, Colorado, Las Vegas, and Washington, D.C. Rhys also have his collection of RC or remote control cars which became a source of his bonding with his dad.

Kaori and Rhys are very thankful for all the love and support that their fans have given them since their Pinoy Big Brother Otso days. Rhys specifically said that he’s grateful for the efforts of the fans especially in organizing events like the charity event they put up for his birthday.