Get to know more of “The Four Bad Boys and Me” stars and their ultimate hobbies

It’s ‘kilig’ times four as the leading men of Listen To Love’s “The Four Bad Boys and Me” – Rhys Miguel, Jeremiah Lisbo, Aljon Mendoza, and Mark Rivera–talk about their trending series and share what they’ve been up to during this quarantine period, besides giving us sparks.


The Fil-Am heartthrob Rhys currently lives in the United States but that didn’t stop him from doing the “lovecast” series.  Talk about the power of digital entertainment! He is also busy with school works and Tagalog workshops. His fellow ex-Pinoy Big Brother housemate Aljon is still in his hometown in Pampanga, doing vlogs once a week to make the days more productive. Jeremiah watches movies to broaden his exposure to acting techniques. Meanwhile, Mark puts his heart and mind to health and nutrition. He is now officially a fitness coach.


In “The Four Bad Boys and Me,” Rhys plays as Jeydon Lopez, the dance heartthrob and leader of the group. Aljon says bye to his good boy image for a while as the womanizer Troy Mendoza, whose love interest is Tiffany Chua, played by Karina Bautista.


Barkada life wouldn’t be completely fun without a little mischief. Mark as Charles Rivera will take care of the pranks and kalokohan. He is the magazine cover boy and most senior in the group (aka the school repeater). There has to be the voice of reason, of course, and it’s none other than Jeremiah as the chill and smart guy Marky. 


“The Four Bad Boys and Me” is a Wattpad adaptation about the story of Candice Gonzales (Kaori Oinuma), the campus nerd and loner. Eager to graduate on time, Candice finds solace in her own quiet place until the four boys mess up her life. The series is the first under Star Cinema’s “Listen to Love” podcast hosted by Maymay Entrata.


The young stars couldn’t get any happier to lead their own series. Rhys looks back on his PBB days with Kaori, Aljon, and Karina. This acting feat was just a dream and they are glad to have achieved everything still as a group. Plus, they meet new friends and actors along the way.


The barkada feels transcend beyond the screens as the cast gets along well. It helps that they’ve already known each other before through workshops and modelling gigs. The camaraderie lessens the hassle of digital filming anchored on Zoom. Even if it’s challenging, their friendship makes the multiple roles more fun.


The “bad boys” share their ultimate hobbies in this interview. Aljon and Rhys begin by talking about pet parenting. Aljon introduces his four-year-old pet cat Mowie. As a dutiful pet parent, Aljon makes DIY toys for the cat and sleeps together with Mowie. Before hitting the sack, Aljon makes sure that Mowie drinks his milk.


Rhys’ Jack Russel Terrier dog, Riley, is a charming ball of sunshine. Rhys left his fur baby in the States when he went to the Philippines to join PBB. They just reunited after a year and a half when Rhys flew back home for the quarantine period. He plans to bring Riley to the Philippines next time, if he gets to settle the required documents for the pet’s travel. They seem to have missed each other dearly. The adorable Riley follows his hooman’s commands even just through hand signals, a sign of their genuine connection. Apart from Railey, Rhys has another dog named Murphy.


For Jeremiah, gaming is the ultimate way to relieve stress. It started when he was still a kid after getting ‘addicted’ to brick games to game boy to PS1 (PlayStation 1). He says his mom used video games as a reward for his good scholastic performance, thus he stays motivated all the time. As a hardcore gamer, Jeremiah boasts a wide collection of videogames like the NBA series and Watch Dogs. It’s an expensive hobby, Jeremiah would admit. But he thinks it’s worth it.


As a legit fitness coach, Mark urges other people to prioritize their exercise routine. He demonstrates easy and heart-pumping 5-minute whole body workout for beginners. Start with a quick warm-up, stretching the arms and legs, and doing 20-second jumping jacks.


After the warm-up, the next series of exercises include jogging in place, squats, and boxing. Then, standing up, stretch the arm and reach for the opposite foot. For the last move, hold the knee and stretch it upwards.


Do each exercise for 20 seconds, taking a 10-second rest in between. Mark highlights the importance of proper breathing. Inhale through the nose and exhale with the mouth to maintain the right level of oxygen in the body and slow down the heart rate.


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