First and Last Challenge with Chie Filomeno

The Four Bad Boys and Me actress Chie Filomeno commenced the final week of September by enthusiastically taking on the fun and exciting challenges of ABS-CBN Entertainment’s Kapamilya Confessions as she graced its episode on Monday, September 28.

But before she responded to the questions sent in by her fans, she tackled first the First and Last Challenge.

Her first television exposure was in the noontime variety show Happy Yipee Yehey! wherein she won 500,000 pesos for the benefit of the victims of tropical storm Sendong in 2011. However, she refused to answer the question “Who broke your heart first?” because she believes every heartbreak is a first. She then recalled her first showbiz crush, who was seasoned dancer-actor Danilo Barrios. When it comes to her first embarrassing moment, she confessed that it was when she stumbled in a mall, while the first thing that she notices or sees in a person is his or her eyes.

Moving on to her ‘lasts’, Chie shared that her last Instagram post was endorsing a kettle for an appliance brand. The last time she said ‘I love you’ was to her mom, while the last time she cried was when the franchise renewal of ABS-CBN was denied. The last thing she was thinking of were her deadlines and the last message she sent was ‘copy po’ that she sent to her handler.

As she proceeded to the netizens’ questions, the 24-year-old actress initially divulged the most difficult decision she’s ever made, which is probably her decision to not continue her studies. However, she doesn’t regret it as she firmly believes that everything happens for a reason and what’s important is that she’s able to help her sibling by covering the expenses of her education.

Asked how she stays positive despite all the negative things that’s been happening, she advised that amidst all the negativities, we must realize all the positive things that you’re surrounded with, including your family and other people who loves you.

When it comes to the first thing she’s going to do once it’s completely safe already, Chie said that she’ll immediately hug and kiss her friends as she missed doing it the most and the first people she would hug will be her Star Magic family. And if ever she can travel again, she’s going to fly either to Japan, South Korea, or South Africa.

As for her advice to those who are struggling in building their self-confidence without worrying about other people’s opinions, Chie said that we just really have to realize our self-worth and value.

A fan also threw her a trivial question, asking if she’s going to change anything in her life

if she witnesses through a dream that she will not like how her future self is going to be, Chie said ‘yes’ and that she’ll try her best to correct her mistakes and make her future self be someone who she desires to be.

She also shared that during the quarantine, she was able to explore cooking with her mom and if she’s given a chance to cook for her fans, she’ll definitely prepare spicy adobo for them. Apart from honing her kitchen skills, she has also realized a lot of things about herself during the quarantine, such as loving herself more and being more vocal in airing her sentiments on national issues.

And with regards to what she’s thankful for on being a Kapamilya in the past decade, it will always be the relationship that she has built with the people and with how she can fully depend on them through the ups and downs of life, especially whenever she needs them.

In terms of the challenges she faces on the ‘new normal’ live production of It’s Showtime, the GirlTrend member said it would be the same-day rehearsal since they are not fully trained. And being a certified “TikToker”, Chie didn’t simply divulge her current favorite dance craze, which is ‘Boss Up’, but also demonstrated it. So for those of who want to see her entries on TikTok, go ahead and follow her!

As fans began to ask her questions regarding her current project, of course, she giddily answered them and gave us a few exciting details about her character and working on this Star Cinema Listen To Love podcast.

When asked what the fans can expect from her character Stacey, she said that we should watch out how she’ll redeem herself from being a brat to being friends with the heroine Candice (Kaori Oinuma). How she is in real life may be way different from Stacey, but Chie said that she could relate with her character could be misunderstood by people sometimes.

Furthermore, she imparted that even though she only gets the chance to work with her co-actors in the series virtually, she still got the chance to know them and described them as nice and easy to work with. Aside from not being able to throw lines with your co-stars face-to-face, what makes the new normal set extra harder is that it compels them to be also the cameraman, audioman, and all. That’s why she appreciated even more the hard work of the staff and crew who work in the physical set. Another thing that makes the current set-up challenging is the intermittent internet connection.

In spite not being in a relationship at the moment, Chie is still obviously fine and happy with it! But she imparted a little portion of her love life as she recalled having encountered a bad boy in the past to whom she got infatuated with as well and made her so thrilled!

Being one of the most controversial stars of her generation, she definitely has her own share of bashing experiences. She admitted getting affected by those, but at the end of the day, she just reminds herself of the people who love her dearly.

Lastly, Chie shared the adjustments she has to during this ‘new normal’, which were basically observing the safety protocols implemented by the government, like wearing face mask, putting on face shield, and practicing physical distancing. So, you better do it as well, Kapamilya!

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