Chie Filomeno talks about The Four Bad Boys and Me, her fitness secrets, K-drama addiction and pet dogs

Whatever season we’re in, it would always be a hot sunny day over Chie Filomeno’s Instagram feed with the constant parade of her sizzling photos. But would you believe that the actress with a body to-die-for doesn’t follow a strict diet? In this video, Chie reveals her simple fitness regimen.

First things first, it’s in the genes. She’s one of those ‘lucky’ girls in the world who can pig out without putting on too much weight. Her meals are made up of carbs and sweets (she can’t live without them). On regular days, she’d have bread, eggs, and chocolate drink for breakfast. Her lunch meals wouldn’t be complete without rice. She takes merienda (like instant noodles and street food) religiously.

But on days when she wants her abs (or any muscle part) flexed, she’d simply cut down her food intake without starving herself. She believes that our bodies need fuel, thus crash dieting will never be the perfect trick. “I believe na you have to eat what your body needs. You have to give what your body needs. Hindi pwedeng ‘kailangan ko pumayat, hindi ako kakain.’ That’s bad kasi ‘yung body natin, may kailangan na certain nutrition ‘yan,” shared the former GirlTrends member.

Chie recommends doing research first before jumping to diet techniques. More importantly, you have to listen to your body.

The Kapamilya beauty underscored the benefits of exercise and good mental well-being. “Kung anong fine-feed ko sa utak ko rin kasi hindi lang naman din siya sa kinakain mo, eh. It’s also kung ano fine-feed mo sa mind and soul mo.”

Chie revealed that she actually gained a little weight during the quarantine and she’s happy about it. “Hindi lang halata pero mas nagkalaman ako ngayong quarantine which is I’m happy kasi nagsa-struggle ako magkaroon ng weight kasi sobrang lakas ng metabolism ko. So, mabilis lang talaga mag-flush out ‘yung toxins sa body ko. Ngayon, I’m happy na na-achieve ko ‘yung goal weight ko.”


The Four Bad Boys and Me

Chie was confronted by anxieties during the first weeks of lockdown. She was cooped up inside the house and, admittedly, waiting for a project to keep her busy and hopeful. Thankfully, she was offered by Star Cinema to play the character of Stacey in the coming of age digital-podcast series The Four Bad Boys and Me.

The actress was handpicked for the role she couldn’t say no to. Besides the need for work at a time of a pandemic, she trusts Star Cinema’s creativity and choices for her. She’s happy that they trusted her for this project. 

Her co-stars are mostly newbies but Chie didn’t have any problem with that. She said that the filming is easy flowing considering that it’s anchored on virtual platforms and “new normal” policies. She’s having fun with the scenes and back-and-forth.

Chie lauded the newcomers for their commitment and talent. She can say that they listen to instructions, study the script, and take their assignments seriously. And they all make their director proud. “After every take, si Direk parang ‘Ang galing!’ ‘Yung energy niya nagta-transcend. So nakakatuwa kahit via Zoom lang kami, nafe-feel mo ‘yung excitement niya na gustong-gusto talaga niya  ‘yung ginagawa namin.”

Of all the four bad boys, Marc Rivera is the most familiar to her. They share the same manager and they worked together in “Batang Poz.” She’s also known Kaori Oinuma and Karina Bautista through causal encounters at the ABS-CBN compound.

The Four Bad Boys and Me is a Wattpad adaptation about the story of Candice Gonzales (Kaori Oinuma), the campus nerd and loner. Eager to graduate on time, Candice finds solace in her own quiet place until the four boys mess up her life. The series is the first under Star Cinema’s Listen to Love podcast hosted by Maymay Entrata.

In the series, Chie plays as Stacey, the girl arranged to marry the four bad boys’ leader Jeydon Lopez (Rhys Miguel). She’s the kontrabida in Candice’s life. Chie said that she’s far from her onscreen character but one thing viewers must watch out for is how Stacey will manage to redeem herself.

Chie thanks the viewers for the show’s triumphant pilot episode that garnered a million streams within 24 hours. New episodes of Listen to Love: The Four Bad Boys and Me are streamed every Thursday at 7:30 PM on Star Cinema’s Facebook, YouTube , and Spotify accounts.


Quarantine life with pets and K-Drama

Apart from the virtual filming of The Four Bad Boys and Me, Chie spends her quarantine days bonding with the family, watching Korean dramas, and tending to her pets.

Her current addiction is the K-drama “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.” She’s also completed the episodes of “The King: Eternal Monarch,” “Itaewon Class,” “Fight for My Way,” and so much more. “Itaewon Class” is her ultimate pick so far because of its relatable scenes and lessons.

Moving on to the next part of the interview, Chie introduced her six adorable fur babies. Two of them were bought while the other four were adopted.

All her pets sleep inside her room except for the German Shepherd standing guard by the gates. She first introduced the 9-year-old Luna, the eldest and first adoptee, whose name was taken from the DOTA game. She also has a 3-year-old golden retriever, Matty, the camera-lover and jealous dog.

We saw how much Chie loves her fur babies by the gentle way she approached them. She kissed Shadow, another adopted dog. Then, she introduced Loki. The cutesy Bella was seen sleeping on her hooman’s bed.

Since some dogs are territorial, Chie makes sure not to put the German Shepherd and the other female breeds in one place.

The pets flaunted their little tricks at their mommy’s command. Among the six, Shadow seems the most intelligent and the dog that takes instructions easily. Matty is probably the most stubborn.

Chie loves how her dogs display loyalty and love. They run up to her like little kids as soon she arrives home. Her presence is their only happiness. Especially at a time of a pandemic, Chie finds cheer and genuine love in her fur babies.