Chie Filomeno on bashing and confidence, plus bag raid!

Playing as the kontrabida Stacey Chua in the trending digital series “The Four Bad Boys and Me,” Chie Filomeno seems the newest girl we all love to hate. But the maldita image is a far cry from real life. She’s the total opposite of Stacey, albeit they’re both misunderstood in some ways. In this episode of Hotspot, Chie opened up about misconceptions, bashing, and confidence.

It was too easy for Stacey to infuriate the viewers of “The Four Bad Boys and Me.” But take it from Chie who said that Stacey has a soft side disguised in a strong, intimidating facade. Stacey is just human. She gets hurt and she also needs help. And just like her onscreen character, Chie also has a strong exterior often misinterpreted by the public.

Her intimidating appeal and sizzling photos on social media would often attract bashers. As much as Chie doesn’t want to waste her time dealing with the hate, she will never encourage bullying. Thus, she speaks up when needed. “What you see is what you get. Artista kami pero at the end of the day, tao kami na nasasaktan din sa sinasabi ng mga tao lalo na kung below the belt na. Kailangan ko mag-react kasi kailangan nila malaman na hindi kami pwedeng tapak-tapakan lang. Ayoko maging normal ‘yung pambu-bully.”

Among the intrigues thrown at her, the ‘escort girl’ issue would have to be the most appalling. Adding to the hurt was seeing her family affected. “When it comes to my family talaga, doon ako nanghihina, eh at the same time lumalakas. SIyempre araw-araw kasama ko ‘yung family ko tapos makikita kong nasasaktan sila dahil sa issue sa akin,” she said. 

Chie was thankful to Tonight with Boy Abunda for giving her a chance to air her side, whether the public buys her explanation or not. She knows people can be selective in what they believe in.

One thing we love about Chie is she remains unfazed by the controversies. The unbreakable confidence probably comes from knowing the truth and embracing her core. More importantly, she has her family to back her up. She has people who listen, and sometimes that’s more than enough to boost the courage.   

The actress could even laugh at her own mistakes. It can be recalled that Chie and her group, GirlTrends, became the talk of the town due to a heavily criticized dance performance of Sam Smith’s “How Do You Sleep.” Looking back on that trending mishap, Chie could only laugh at herself and learn from the experience.

“Nakakatawa naman kasi talaga ‘yung nagawa ko. Ang take ko na lang doon, everyday is a learning process, eh. ‘Yung routine na ‘yun, isang oras lang namin inaral. Same-day rehearsal kami tapos salang agad. Gi-nive ko naman ‘yung all ko, sumobra lang,” she enthused.

When asked how to build confidence as strong as hers, Chie stressed that comparison is damaging. ”Everyday, ang competition mo lang ay sarili mo. Dapat hindi mo kino-compare mo ang sarili mo sa ibang tao na, ‘Ay, mas magaling siya, ako sakto lang.’ Dapat know yourself well para ma-embrace mo ‘yung sarili mo nang buong-buo,” expressed Chie. Self-love is always the foundation of confidence.

Blessings are pouring down on the Kapamilya beauty. She has two more upcoming projects apart from “The Four Bad Boys and Me,” which she always has fun taping for even if they’re only using Zoom. Chie revealed that the cast loves to bond over virtual ‘chikahan’ after taping and meeting.

Before the show ends, Chie opens her bag and shows us her daily must-haves. She’s a low-key girl who doesn’t use too much cosmetics. Inside her tiny pouch are beauty essentials like oil blotting paper, lip balm (four different kinds), breath spray, and a primer stick (for quick touch-ups). Of course, she’s a firm believer of “kilay is life.” She can’t live without her eyebrow kit.

Chie loves to smell good and change perfume variants depending on her mood. She likes floral scents in the morning and something musky in the evening. She owns a collection of scents.

A K-drama lover, Chie brings her oversized sunglasses, exactly the pair that Son Ye Jin wore in Crash Landing On You. She wears by the uplifting powers of wearing shades on days when you lack sleep.

Chie always brings her camera with her. She plans to try vlogging soon. Of course, she has her wallet, although she’s into cashless transactions these days. She only keeps extra bills for emergencies. New normal essentials like sanitizer, sanitary wipes, and alcohol are always inside her bag as well.  

Chie fixes her own taping stuff, without the help of a personal assistant. She drives on her own as well. As the ‘Miss Independent’ that she is, Chie mentioned that she’s more focused on her goals than her love life.

She isn’t the type that rejects a guy right away. As she got older, she realized that courtship isn’t really answerable by a ‘yes’ or a ‘no.’ Chie has also learned to be more wary of a person’s intention. But if you’re a guy who is family-oriented, God-fearing, humorous, and easy to get along with, chances are you’re the one she’s looking for.

When asked if she’s ready to take on mature roles and do intimate scenes, Chie answered that she is. She described the human body as a form of art. Chie also named the “mysterious” Paulo Avelino as her dream leading man.

Catch Chie as Stacey Chua on “The Four Bad Boys and Me” streamed every Thursday on Star Cinema’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.