Alex hated scenes in Linlang Toplist

Alex, effectively portrayed by JM De Guzman, has easily become one of the most despised characters on primetime television today. His cunning nature knows no bounds. He does not even bat an eye when uttering a lie, especially if it’s to protect his reputation and his illicit affair with Juliana (Kim Chiu). The man has hurt many people because of his selfishness, most especially his wife Sylvia (Kaila Estada), and ruined the life of his half-brother Victor (Paulo Avelino).

Kapamilya Toplist collated his scenes from “Linlang: The Teleserye Version” that will make you want to curse in anger.

Of course, our frustration peaks whenever he resorts to all kinds of tactics to satiate his desire for Juliana, her own brother’s wife, thus we’re hating on Juliana as well. In a scene, he noticed that Victor had followed Juliana in the hotel where they were supposed to meet, so he immediately orchestrated a diversion by blackmailing Lucas (Jake Ejercito) about the help he’s done to him in the past, enough to convince him to pose as Juliana’s secret lover.

He gets our ‘inis’ each time he plays sweet towards Juliana and showers her with promises. The audacity of these two to dream a happy future while cheating on their spouses! He even admitted to using Sylvia for the benefits he continues to reap from her, especially in his career. He promised to assist Juliana in annulling her marriage to Victor once he becomes a judge with the help of Sylvia and her father.

Alex shamelessly uses Sylvia and her judge father’s connections to secure the job he desires. But when his manipulative tactics failed, he acted so entitled by directing his anger towards Sylvia’s dad.

If he’s good at lying, of course, he is good at manipulating people. Remember when Juliana wanted to end their affair? He took advantage of her emotions and promised that he will do everything to fix their situation because he can’t lose her.

When Victor’s desire for revenge intensified, Alex employed his cunning tactics by just allowing Victor to show aggression, knowing they could leverage this behavior as justification for his and Juliana’s annulment.

He ignited a war by portraying the true victim as the antagonist, swearing to imprison Victor by pressing charges after the latter attacked him upon catching him and Juliana together. Well, Alex feels like he can always manipulate the law to his advantage, and it infuriates us whenever he acts like it. He even felt superior over Victor when he blackmailed him, saying he will drop the charges in exchange for Juliana filing for annulment.

And nothing makes viewers go crazy mad than when Alex behaves like he owns Juliana. In a particularly infuriating scene, he visited her home and started kissing her, not scared about being caught red-handed. Even when Juliana’s sister, Kate (Anji Salvacion), had already caught him coming out of the house, he shamelessly denied getting in Juliana’s house, saying instead that he just stopped by because his car engine broke down.

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