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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Linlang Toplist: Victor’s Suspicion

Much has been said about a woman’s instinct in a relationship. But here comes the trending series “Linlang: The Teleserye Version” making us want to see things from the other side of the coin, keeping us curious to know if a man possesses a similar intuitive sense when it comes to his wife’s affair.

Let’s explore the male perspective about catching a cheating partner through Victor (Paulo Avelino)’s POV in “Linlang: The Teleserye Version” via this Kapamilya Toplist video.

Similar to women suspecting their husbands' infidelity, men's apprehensions often originate from a gut feeling. Victor, working abroad, observed a noticeable change in his wife Juliana (Kim Chiu)'s behavior, especially upon returning to the Philippines.

Trusting his instincts, he began keeping tabs on Juliana, eventually uncovering a seemingly suspicious closeness between her and her boss, Lucas (Jake Ejercito) when he visited her workplace.

He noticed Lucas’ touchy demeanor towards Juliana. Later that afternoon, he subtly interrogated Lucas, who only downplayed the situation, saying that he’s heard a lot about Victor through Juliana, and that they often talk due to being part of the same team. As soon as Lucas left the room, Juliana remarked on Victor's jealousy and assured him that Lucas was only her boss.

Juliana's calm explanation failed to dispel Victor's paranoia. If anything, it only heightened his anxiety, especially when he observed a car seemingly tailing them from the office to their way home.

His fear has further cropped up when he saw the cans of beer in their fridge, surprised because he knows Juliana does not drink. But then again Juliana was able to defend herself, saying that things have changed a lot since Victor left, including her drinking habit.

Though he does not intend to look for evidence, somehow the clues seem to find him. There was a scene where he stumbled upon Juliana’s new undergarments and makeup products in her cabinet while searching for their daughter’s school materials. This reminded him of a friend’s story about a cheating partner reserving special undergarments for someone else.

Just imagine his fear when an unknown number messaged Juliana on her extra phone, telling her, “I miss you,” and reminding her of their meeting at the same place.

Suspicion heightened, prompting him to hire a cab to tail Juliana’s car. And if Juliana applying lipstick inside the car was any indicator, it could mean she was preparing to meet someone she wanted to impress.

He caught Juliana waiting in a restaurant. And when he called her, a cascade of lies began, with Juliana insisting that she was at a mall preparing to present to a client.

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