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Sylvia’s love for Alex Linlang Toplist

Call her foolish, but Sylvia (Kaila Estrada) is willing to endure immense trials for her husband Alex (JM De Guzman), including infidelity and abuse, convinced that enduring such hardships is a testament to genuine love. Her unwavering devotion and love for him are portrayed in this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from “Linlang The Teleserye Version.”

Despite witnessing instances of Alex mistreating her, which we understand were driven by his infidelity, Sylvia steadfastly ignored the red flags and chose to stand by him instead. She readily turns deaf to the opinions of others regarding Alex's behavior. Even when her brother-in-law Victor (Paulo Avelino) warned her about Alex's actions, Sylvia maintained that forgiveness is only part of loving her husband, no matter the "kalokohan" he may be involved in.

Even when it was her own father who warned her about Alex's affair with Juliana (Kim Chiu) due to the news he had heard, Sylvia chose to defend Alex instead. She even pleaded with her dad to stop escalating the issue because she was committed to repairing her marriage with Alex, regardless of the problems that arose.

Despite her position of power, she humbled herself before her husband, even going as far as tending to him as if she were his nurse, despite his lack of deserving such care. She consistently provided him with exceptional acts of service.

When confronted with challenges regarding her inability to conceive, she even apologized to Alex, feeling like she was failing as a woman. Her immaculate patience would show even when Alex loses his temper whenever confronted about the topic of their childlessness.

Even when Alex started to behave like a monster before her, such as that instance where he lashed out because he was tired of being judged for their childlessness, Sylvia refrained from fighting back. Instead, she succumbed to tears and self-pity, making do with expressing her grief. She said that their situation doubly hurt her and that she knows Alex’s involvement with other women. But she maintained patience, convinced that she was the root cause of the conflict due to her inability to conceive.

There were moments when Sylvia’s sadness became obvious. She was no longer happy seeing her husband’s true colors. In one scene, she forced her to make love with him, yet she refrained from resisting and failed to recognize her self-worth.

Love transformed her into a martyr devoid of self-respect. She’d even allow Alex and his enabler mother, Amelia (Maricel Soriano), to gaslight her whenever the thought of leaving Alex crosses her mind.

We were infuriated when Alex himself confessed to Sylvia that he is the father of Juliana’s baby and that they intend to keep it a secret, demanding Sylvia's silence as well. But we were even more disappointed when Sylvia remained quiet.

All she could do was express her anguish to her father and confess that she had tried everything to fix the marriage, yet Alex still impregnated Juliana. The next thing we witnessed, she was once again portraying Alex as the perfect man, on the condition that he end his affair with Juliana, which we knew he could never fulfill.

We appreciated the scene where her father promised to help her in starting anew without Alex by her side, because Alex does not deserve her loyalty. Yet, our hopes were replaced by another bout of disappointment when Sylvia proclaimed that she would rather die than lose Alex.

That's why she decided to betray Victor, going against their previous agreement for her to testify about Alex and Juliana's affair. And all it took was Alex’s fake tears, fake promises, and fake declaration of love to convince her to stay once more – a decision that led her to her death.

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