• Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
KChat Kim Chiu Linlangin Mo Ako

Kim Chiu may be portraying a remorseless, deceitful wife on screen as Juliana Lualhati in Linlang: The Teleserye Version, but in real life, her encounters with being “mapanlinlang” are limited to harmless “budol” and pranks.

In this game called “Linlangin Mo Ako” on Kapamilya Chat, Kim would go through a list of sly or cunning scenarios and tell us if she’s done them in real life.

When asked if she had victimized a friend to get what she wanted, Kim said her closest experience to that is asking freebies from friends, “Minsan sasabihin ko hindi ko dala wallet ko pero magpapalibre talaga ako.”

Like most of us, she had also experienced cancelling barkada meet-ups at the last minute, “Minsan ‘pag tinatamad ako.” Add to that, she’s guilty of telling people that she’s “on the way” when, in reality, she’s still at home.

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