• Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Anji & Kice kilig scenes in Linlang

With all the conflict overflowing in “Linlang: The Teleserye Version,” it’s unlikely for Kate (Anji Salvacion) to take Dylan (Kice So)'s subtle 'ligaw' moves seriously. But it’s also hard to ignore their adorable exchanges onscreen which serve as a refreshing breather from the intense verbal scuffle and drama in the series. Here are 5 of their most ‘kilig’ moments from the trending series!

We open this Friday 5 video with that scene of Dylan and his fellow baristas spending downtime in the employee room. One of his friends mentioned dating apps and asked if Dylan uses one. He hinted at his romantic side with his reply about trusting in fate, believing that the right person will come into his life at the right time. Just then, Kate entered the room, calling out the group for engaging in nonsense chatter. Dylan seized the opportunity to engage her in conversation, asking if she also believes in fate or if she has ever fallen in love. However, Kate showed no interest in the topic, dismissing romance as just a source of headache and heartbreak.

Dylan obviously has the shots for Kate despite her aloofness. Nevertheless, he got the chance to impress her by helping her make a latte art for a customer. Grateful, Kate finally smiled at Dylan and even asked if he could teach her latte art after their shift.

He got braver in their interactions, making sure that he'd be available whenever she's overwhelmed with difficulties. He offered comfort and support when Kate was affected by her sister Juliana (Kim Chiu)’s troubled marriage. As she requested, he vowed to keep their family issues a secret.

In turn, she began to confide in him and noticed that he could give serious pieces of advice. One of their co-workers approached Kate about her growing closeness to Dylan. A flashback scene revealed that Dylan had made a bet with his friends concerning Kate, so when she found out, she played along making Dylan fall hard for her.

The two really made us believe in fate when Dylan noticed that Kate was again troubled, so he found a cute way to brighten her mood by drawing lips on her hand, which means he’ll be there when she needs someone to talk to, or even when she wants a serenade.

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