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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Paulo & Heaven Linlang Toplist

After we’ve felt intense ‘gigil’ over the betrayal and lies Victor (Paulo Avelino) has endured from his wife, Juliana (Kim Chiu), somehow, we felt hopeful and ‘kilig’ with the arrival of the young and beautiful Olivia (Heaven Peralejo) into his life.

Not only due to the narrative’s direction but also owing to the undeniable chemistry between Paulo and Heaven that viewers eagerly shipped their characters. Re-watch their scenes together via this Friday 5 video from “Linlang: The Teleserye Version.”

The video opens with Victor’s startled reaction upon waking up to find an unfamiliar, lovely woman tending to his swollen hand. The girl jestingly assured him that she was not trying to molest him, and then introduced herself as Olivia, a physical therapist. Victor was taken aback by the sound of her name as he realized he quite recognizes her.

He asked Coach Badong (Jaime Fabregas) about the girl, only to learn that she’s Olivia, Coach Badong's granddaughter, who had recently returned from the US after completing her studies and obtaining her license as a physical therapist. The Olivia he had last seen was still young, but the Olivia now had blossomed into a full-grown, more intelligent, and even more beautiful woman.

Olivia is sweet without even trying. In one scene, she casually handed Victor a towel and advised him to let his body recover before pushing himself too hard at the boxing gym, jokingly adding that she wouldn't be able to catch him if he collapses. This sparked a banter of ‘hugots’, with Victor commenting that women tend to leave men hanging once they find someone better. Sensing the bitterness in his tone, Olivia gently countered, expressing that not all women are like his wife, Juliana. Besides, she believes, people often have deeper reasons for ending relationships.

In the following scene, she expresses appreciation for his progress, leading to a back-and-forth about crushes and inspiration. When teased about the possibility of having a new crush at work, she stated that there's nothing wrong with seeking inspiration, suggesting that perhaps Victor could benefit from finding something to bring him happiness instead of being too occupied with his annulment process.

Inevitably, the two grew closer after Olivia, naturally helpful as always, recommended that Victor apply for a vacant position at the hospital where she works, upon learning that he was looking for a job.

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