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Amelia razor-sharp dialogues Linlang

In a ‘kabit serye,’ apart from the main couple and the “side piece,” there’s another character who makes the story a whole lot more interesting – the mother-in-law. “Linlang: The Teleserye Version” has got one feisty MIL character in Amelia Lualhati, played by the brilliant Diamond Star Maricel Soriano.

Apart from her ‘taray’ look, Amelia is notorious for her razor-sharp dialogues, with every word dripping with sarcasm and cruel honesty. Check out her feistiest scenes via this Friday 5 video.

The teleserye’s pilot week alone proved to be explosive, with Amelia adding fire to the conflict. In the first episode, she showcased her ‘taray’ mode as she reprimanded her stepson Victor (Paulo Avelino) and his girlfriend Juliana (Kim Chiu) for getting engaged and starting a family while still in the first years of college, noting that she hasn’t even known about the two’s relationship that much.

As the young couple promised to resolve their situation together, Amelia emphasized that it was just the right thing to do since they weren’t a wealthy family, as if insinuating that Juliana’s camp might be expecting financial gain from the Lualhatis. “Dapat lang na magtulungan kayo dahil wala kayong maasahan sa iba. Hindi kami mayaman,” she looked around and low-key remarked about the poor situation of Juliana’s family as well.

We sensed major in-law problems brewing when Amelia took off her mask. From acting pleasant in front of Juliana’s grandma Pilar (Ruby Ruiz) and sister Kate, she turned icy towards Juliana. As Juliana offered to assist with household chores, Amelia asserted that she wouldn’t hesitate to give orders, of course, since she’s the only queen in the house. She completely lost it when Juliana remarked, “Ako po ‘yung prinsesa?” to which she replied, “Hindi ka nakakatawa.” True enough, she harshly ordered Juliana to clean the house before leaving for work. She also declined Juliana’s request to babysit the newborn while she attends school.

As expected, she plays favorites between her biological son Alex (JM De Guzman), and Victor whom she hates for being the son of her late husband’s alleged mistress. This was evident in that scene where she joined Alex and his then-girlfriend Sylvia (Kaila Estrada) for dinner. Amelia expressed her lingering frustration over Juliana and Victor's decision to start a family at a young age instead of prioritizing their studies. Unable to resist, she drew comparisons between Juliana and her mother, who was said to be involved with different men. Alex intervened, dismissing it as mere gossip, and defended Juliana by suggesting she might be different from her mother. However, Amelia maintained what she just said, and then boldly announced that she just lost her appetite when Victor arrived home.

Amelia didn’t hold back in that scene where she got infuriated as Victor mentioned his inheritance. He said that his father promised his share of their house, which he wanted to buy from Amelia. The latter completely exploded, insisting that Victor has no right to claim any share of that house since she acquired it on her own. She was so triggered that she aired her bitterness towards Victor being the son of another woman and said that she only let him stay in her house out of pity after his father told her about his mom’s passing.

Amelia sure earned major hate points from viewers when Juliana’s family visited Alex and Sylvia’s house, giving her the chance she needed to boast about its stunning interior, five bedrooms, and good ventilation. She also couldn’t resist bragging about Sylvia’s “napaka-perfect” cooking, which was indirectly addressed to Juliana.

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