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Toplist Pilar Real Talk Juliana Linlang

Grandmas often possess the unique ability to dispense soul-stirring real talk with a blend of wit and wisdom that leaves an impact on their loved ones. In the case of Pilar (Ruby Ruiz), her sharp tongue can serve up bitter yet necessary doses of reality to her granddaughter Juliana (Kim Chiu).

Through a series of witty and feisty lines, Pilar imparts valuable life lessons to her, often accompanied by a bitter slap of reality that cuts through the haze of illusions. We compiled some of her best dialogues via this Kapamilya Toplist video from “Linlang: The Teleserye Version.”

Though Pilar's words may sting, they come from a place of genuine concern and love for Juliana. In the first scene, she doesn’t hold back as she expresses her concern about Juliana potentially following in her mother's footsteps as a philandering woman.

When issues about Juliana and Victor (Paulo Avelino)’s marriage started to arise, Lola Pilar advised them to prioritize the welfare of their child. And when Juliana argued that she wanted something different, Lola Pilar pointed out that changes are normal in married life, what matters more is the couple’s desire to work things out.

And when she caught wind of Juliana's affair with Alex (JM De Guzman), but Juliana began making excuses, the grandma remarked, “Hindi ako pinanganak kahapon. Ganyang-ganyan mangatwiran noon ang Nanay mo ‘pag nahuhuli ko siyang may bagong kinakasama.” And when Juliana dismissed everything as rumors, Lola Pilar fired back, “Hindi tsismis ang pagsasabi ng totoo.”

Juliana continued to portray herself as the innocent party even when Lola Pilar finally uncovered the truth about the affair. So she brought her granddaughter back to reality with a harsh slap, telling her, “Ikaw ang makating nangangabit kay Alex.”

Since then, she's been reminding Juliana of the essence of marriage, “Huwag mo naman sanang itapon ‘yun dahil sa kabaliwan mo.” And she’s kept reminding her to fix her family. When Juliana got pregnant and it was revealed that Alex was the father, and she was rushed to the hospital due to stress, Lola Pilar told her, “Iwas daw sa stress,” while glancing at Alex.

Juliana became more stubborn and made wrong decisions because of Alex's influence. Lola Pilar told her that her blind devotion for Alex were driving her crazy. In another confrontation, she couldn't contain her frustration over Juliana's audacity, telling her, “Saan ka kumukuha ng lakas ng loob? Kay Alex? Sinisira ka ng pagmamahal mo sa kanya.” And when Juliana shifted the blame back to her original husband, Victor, Lola Pilar fired back, “Kung hindi mo agad mapakawalan si Alex dahil mahal mo siya, bakit mo pinarurusahan si Victor? Napakalupit mo! Nasa ganyan kang sitwasyon dahil pinipili mo ang hindi tama.”

While Juliana insists on her selfishness, Lola Pilar is determined to set things right and correct her mistakes. In one scene, when she sensed that Juliana was trying to portray herself as happy in Alex's arms, Lola Pilar said, “Anong kapalit? Ang dami n’yong sinirang buhay.”

Will Lola Pilar's real talk still have an impact on Juliana? Don’t miss an episode of Linlang: The Teleserye Version,” airing weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5, and A2Z.