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Kate & Dylan Moments Linlang Toplist

Apart from their shared love for music, which sure adds to their compatibility, Anji Salvacion and Kice So share such sweet chemistry that endears them to viewers of “Linlang: The Teleserye Version.” In every scene, you will feel the ‘kiig’ factor between their characters, Kate and Dylan.

Fill your hearts with sweetness by watching this Kapamilya Toplist of Dylan and Kate’s ‘nakaka-in-love’ moments in “Linlang: The Teleserye Version.”

A scene revealed that Dylan made a bet with his friends concerning Kate, so when she found out, she played along making him fall hard for her.

He obviously has the shots for her despite her aloofness and the ‘game.’ He got braver in their interactions, making sure he’s available whenever she's overwhelmed with difficulties. He offered comfort and support when Kate was affected by her sister Juliana (Kim Chiu)’s troubled marriage. As she requested, he vowed to keep their family issues a secret.

The two made us believe in fate when Dylan noticed that Kate was troubled, so he found a cute way to brighten her mood by drawing lips on her hand, which means he’ll be there when she needs someone to talk to, or even when she wants a serenade.

He became her trusted companion, and they would exchange encouraging words about their dreams, reassuring each other that everything would be fine in the end. He further endeared himself to her family when he joined them on a vacation out of genuine concern, especially for the young Abi, as the latter’s parents navigated through a relationship turmoil.

Of course, what's a budding romance without those heart-fluttering moments? We couldn't help but smile from ear to ear during that scene where he tried to brush his hand against hers, and when he confessed his feelings and expressed his desire to court her.

In the next sequence, when she suggested that perhaps he was only courting her because he felt lonely, with his family being in the province and him lacking companionship in the city, Dylan made it clear that Kate meant more to him than just a remedy for loneliness. He said he wants to be with her whether he’s sad or happy.

The two would share subtle ‘kilig’ moments while on duty as baristas in a cafe, like Dylan asking Kate to join him for lunch because he brought the perfect kare-kare. When she questioned whether he was just trying to impress her, Dylan assured her that he wouldn't change and promised to court her every day.

There was this other scene where Kate felt a bit insecure because she was wearing simple clothes at a fancy restaurant Dylan took her to. But he quickly reassured her, saying no matter what she wears, even if it's just something simple, she'll always be the most beautiful to him.

It's adorable when he lets her listen to the songs he wrote. You know things are getting real when Kate starts boosting Dylan’s self-confidence. And who didn't grin from ear to ear when Dylan's friend pointed out that Kate obviously has a thing for him too?

Their love story had a touch of tension once the truth came out. Both were hurt, but Dylan chose not to argue. He admitted that while it began with a bet, everything he shared with Kate was genuine, and he had truly fallen in love with her.

Despite feeling hurt, Kate couldn't conceal her emotions. She couldn't bear the thought of Dylan walking away without knowing how she felt. So, she marched over to his place and poured her heart out, confessing that she had fallen for him too. She admitted she was scared to fall, but even more terrified of losing him. The scene brimmed with butterflies as he pulled her close in an embrace.

We're wrapping up this video montage with that adorable moment of Dylan and Kate enjoying their lunch break at work. He eagerly encouraged her to express her true feelings, and his face lit up with joy when she finally said those magic words, confessing that she loves him as much as he loves her.

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