Linlang Toplist Juliana & Alex

They say that nobody would want to be called a 'kabit.' But why did Juliana (Kim Chiu) and Alex (JM De Guzman) pursue their sinful relationship? What made matters worse was the fact that Alex and Juliana’s husband, Victor (Paulo Avelino), are half-brothers.

Watch the traitors grow their illicit affair in “Linlang: The Teleserye Version via this Kapamilya Toplist video.

Their teamwork is just top-tier, as they exert effort to meet in secret while making sure that nobody would suspect. It turns out that they get help from Alex’s security team and individuals whom he thinks he can manipulate through his power as a lawyer. They operate like masterminds of a crime, carefully orchestrating their tryst in their love nest where they feel like they find true happiness as if they deserve it.

Flashback scenes reveal that the affair had been going on for years, particularly when Victor left to work as a seaman.

Of course, their display of intimacy provokes viewers, particularly when they exchange sweet promises about their future, as though they’re blind to the fact that they are betraying their spouses.

The ‘gigil’ meter exploded when Juliana’s husband, Victor, stumbled upon evidence of the betrayal. However, the secret lovers flipped the script on Victor by portraying him as the villain. They even had the audacity to file charges against him.

At one point, Juliana thought of temporarily cutting their ties while her annulment proceedings with Victor were underway. However, rather than kissing each other farewell, they always find themselves locked in passionate kisses. These two believe they are the right one for each other, that they are meant to be together, even if it means breaking the law and ruining the lives of those around them.

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