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Linlang Toplist: Sylvia as a wife to Alex

Relationships can be risky as you will never know who a spouse or partner will turn out to be years later, with one party possibly hiding huge secrets from the other. However, Sylvia, portrayed by Kaila Estrada in “Linlang: The Teleserye Version,” defies this norm by demonstrating unwavering love for her husband Alex (JM De Guzman) from the outset.

Even if we observe instances where Alex fails to treat her right (we know that his behavior is influenced by his infidelity), Sylvia remains faithful to him. Here is a Kapamilya Toplist of scenes highlighting her devotion as Alex’s wife.

Loving Alex meant leaving behind her heavenly life as the affluent unca hija of a judge to embrace his chaotic family. Sylvia embodies the ideal daughter-in-law any mother could hope for, which is why when introduced by Alex to his mother Amelia (Maricel Soriano), the latter welcomed her with affection. It certainly didn't hurt that Sylvia was pursuing a career in law at the time.

She chose to be with Alex until the end, leading them to marriage. She has confidence in his potential and abilities and she always honors him in front of other people, especially their families. However, a discerning observer will not miss the signs that she is a neglected wife in Alex’s care.

In that scene where Alex’s half-brother Victor (Paulo Avelino) and his family paid a visit, Victor noticed how Alex treated Sylvia as if she were merely his servant.  Alex didn’t even wait for Sylvia to be seated and start her meal, as he would delegate all his orders to her and not to their household staff. Instead, he repeatedly interrupted Sylvia and demanded that she prepare his requested food and liquor.

There was also another scene where she tended to Victor’s needs as their guest. He noticed the bruises on her shoulder. Concerned, Victor asked what happened, but Sylvia just smiled and brushed it off, saying she slipped in the bathroom.

Her immaculate patience towards her husband was evident in that scene where she waited for him to come home. Despite his broken promise of dining together at home, Sylvia refrained from seeking an explanation and readily accepted Alex’s excuse that something had come up in the office. She maintained her patience when Alex told her not to bother reheating his food as he had already eaten.

Despite being a woman of power, Sylvia humbles herself before her husband, even going as far as to remove his shoes when he arrives home. She consistently provides him with exceptional acts of service.

When faced with challenges regarding her inability to conceive, she even apologized to Alex as she felt like failing as a woman. And despite Alex being temperamental at times, she chooses to trust him completely.

To love Alex is to love his mother, Amelia, as her own. In the final scene of this video montage, during dinner at home, Sylvia beamed with pride and joy when Amelia announced her selection as the recipient of the "Ulirang Guro" award. Sylvia eagerly volunteered to assist in preparing Amelia's gown with the help of a fashion designer friend.

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