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Toplist Amelia Linlang Teleserye Version

Having Maricel Soriano, the incomparable Diamond Star, cast in a riveting drama like “Linlang: The Teleserye Version” is like the perfect gift to viewers. Once opened, we are treated to a multitude of captivating scenes that showcase her undeniable brilliance.

She’s currently seen as Amelia in the trending “Linlang: The Teleserye Version,” infusing big dramatic moments with her own flavor of fierceness. Marvel at her unfading talent by playing this Kapamilya Toplist video.

Amelia emanates an intimidating presence, particularly as her sharp tongue knows no bounds. This lets Maricel bring to life her “Taray Queen” persona. In the opening scene of this video montage, she swiftly took off her mask from acting pleasant in front of Juliana (Kim Chiu)’s grandma, Pilar (Ruby Ruiz), and sister, Kate, to turning icy towards Juliana.

When Juliana offered to help with household chores, Amelia asserted that she wouldn’t hesitate to give orders, of course, given that she’s the only queen in the house. She completely lost it when Juliana remarked, “Ako po ‘yung prinsesa?” to which she replied, “Hindi ka nakakatawa.” True enough, she harshly ordered Juliana to clean the house and firmly declined the latter's request to babysit her newborn.

The ‘monster mom’ didn’t hold back in that scene where she got infuriated at Victor (Paulo Avelino) for mentioning about his inheritance. He said that his father promised his share of their house, which he wanted to buy from Amelia. The latter completely exploded, insisting that Victor has no right to claim any share of that house since she acquired it on her own. She was so triggered that she aired her bitterness towards Victor being the son of another woman and said that she only let him stay in her house out of pity after his father told her about his mom’s passing.

Don’t be fooled by what may seem like noble patience in Amelia, the esteemed teacher. She can unleash her fury without restraint, like what happened when she punished Juliana with rapid-fire slaps and insults upon catching her in an intimate moment with Alex.

She didn't mince her words in the next scene as well, unleashing a torrent of mockery at Juliana, calling her names from “walang hiya” to “malandi” and “makapal ang mukha.”

Later, Amelia testified against Victor during Juliana's annulment proceedings, citing his personality disorder. But, in a moment of clarity, she confessed that she only wanted to remove Juliana from both Alex and Victor’s lives, believing that the woman only stirs chaos in their family.

Of course, she was unstoppable in her ‘mothering’ scenes with Alex, such as the time she earnestly tried to dissuade him from pursuing his affair with Juliana, emphasizing how it could lead him down the same misguided path as his father. Instead, she ordered him to fix his marriage with Sylvia (Kaila Estrada), who possesses a commendable background and upbringing and makes a suitable wife for Alex.

Confrontations don’t always have to be loud. At times, the most silent ones can be more powerful, moving, and intimidating – a truth Maricel exemplified in another trending exchange with JM’s character. Here, she imparted a lesson on karma, warning him that while he may currently find happiness with both Juliana and Sylvia, a time will come when he will lose both women. And this will dawn on him: “Masakit ang karma.”

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