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Linlang Finale Maricel as Amelia Toplist

When the unparalleled Maricel Soriano graces the small screen, viewers are in for a treat. Her latest portrayal as Amelia in the gripping primetime drama “Linlang The Teleserye Version” has been nothing short of mesmerizing. As the Diamond Star, she has effortlessly oscillated between sentimental and fierce moments, captivating audiences with each scene. To celebrate the series’ success, here’s a Kapamilya Toplist that compiles Maricel’s best moments as Amelia Lualhati.

As Amelia, she emanates an intimidating presence, particularly as her sharp tongue knows no bounds. After all, the veteran actress still carries traces of her on-screen “Taray Queen” persona. The ‘monster mom’ didn’t hold back in that scene where she got infuriated at her stepson Victor (Paulo Avelino) for mentioning his inheritance. He said that his father promised his share of their house, which he wanted to buy from Amelia. The latter completely exploded, insisting that Victor has no right to claim any share of that house since she acquired it on her own. She was so triggered that she aired her bitterness towards Victor being the son of another woman and said that she only let him stay in her house out of pity after his father told her about his mom’s passing. But we all know the truth will explode in the end.

Don’t be fooled by what may seem like noble patience in Amelia, the esteemed teacher. She can unleash her fury without restraint, like what happened when she caught her son, Alex (JM De Guzman), and Victor’s wife, Juliana (Kim Chiu), in the act. She condemned the two for their affair and punished Juliana with rapid-fire slaps.

Of course, the mistress didn't stand a chance against the original “Taray Queen.” We're sure you were rooting for her when she confronted Juliana, telling her to end things with Alex. But when Juliana refused to budge, she served her a harsh reality check with a resounding slap, reminding her most hated daughter-in-law that she turns into a ferocious lioness when her maternal instincts kick in. She didn't hold back, hurling insults at Juliana, from “walang hiya” to “malandi” and “makapal ang mukha.”  Juliana trembled in fear.

Viewers were furious when she stormed into the jail to confront Victor after he nearly killed Alex upon discovering his relationship with Juliana. She slapped Victor and insisted that he was just accusing Alex falsely, when in truth, she knew the truth about Alex and Juliana's affair.

Of course, she was unstoppable in her 'mothering' scenes with Alex, like the moment when she scolded him and earnestly tried to discourage him from continuing his affair with Juliana. She emphasized how it could lead him astray, mirroring the mistakes of his father. Instead, she ordered her son to mend his marriage with Sylvia (Kaila Estrada), who comes from a commendable background and upbringing and is a suitable wife for Alex.

Confrontations don’t always have to be loud. At times, the most silent ones can be more powerful, moving, and intimidating – a truth Maricel exemplified in another trending exchange with JM’s character. Here, she imparted a lesson on karma, warning him that while he may currently find happiness with both Juliana and Sylvia, a time will come when he will lose both women. And this will dawn on him: “Masakit ang karma.”

In the next scene, her rollercoaster of emotions felt incredibly authentic as she nearly begged Alex on bended knees to forgive her upon the revelation that she was indeed the true mistress all along, not Victor's mother. Then, she gaslighted Victor by unleashing her fury on her, slapping and blaming him for the rift between her and Alex. When asked where Amelia took the money Victor's father left for him, Amelia responded that Alex deserved a better education and life because he was smarter.

As an enabler mom, she also engaged in heated confrontations with her son's wife, Sylvia. In one scene, she gaslighted Sylvia for contemplating leaving her marriage because of Alex's infidelity. Amelia shifted the blame onto Sylvia, suggesting that Alex's affair might be a result of Sylvia's perceived inadequacies, thereby portraying her son as the victim.

Her enabling behavior towards Alex eventually led to her covering up his crime of killing his wife. She remained silent even when Victor was wrongfully accused of Sylvia’s murder. However, her enabling actions backfired when Alex became even more demonic, to the extent of putting her in danger and harming her. In the end, Sylvia was right—Amelia is also to blame because she raised a cheating, lying, and wicked son.

Will Amelia regret her actions? Follow the finale week of "Linlang The Teleserye Version" on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5, and A2Z to find out.