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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Olivia’s Love for Victor Linlang

Victor (Paulo Avelino)'s history with his wife, Juliana (Kim Chiu), may have been tumultuous due to her infidelity, and he might not always display the best temper. However, beyond these flaws, he possesses numerous admirable qualities that make him easy to love. It's these traits that drew Olivia (Heaven Peralejo) to him. Victor is fortunate to have Olivia, a caring, gentle, and genuinely loving partner, by his side. She is his redemption.

In this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from “Linlang The Teleserye Version”, revisit the romantic moments that show her journey of falling in love with him.

Olivia and Victor's paths entwined during their youth when she frequented the gym where Victor honed his boxing skills under her grandfather, Coach Badong (Jaime Fabregas). Their connection resurfaced when Olivia returned to the Philippines after completing her physical therapy degree in the United States. Now, she exudes even more beauty than before, a fact not lost on Victor. We saw her blush when Victor remarked on how she blossomed into a fine woman.

Their bond grew stronger as they spent countless moments together, with Olivia becoming Victor's dependable confidante, always ready to lend a helping hand. Didn’t you feel the spark between them when they trained together? And then she massaged his hands, symbolic that she’d always be there to soothe his pain and bruises from life’s hard blows.

It's admirable how Olivia's love for Victor deepened as she observed his tumultuous journey through pain and love in his marriage to Juliana. She understands her role in Victor's life and approaches it with grace. She supports him without appearing desperate or trying to force herself into his world. Whether it's offering a helping hand or providing comfort during his darkest moments while navigating his relationship with Juliana, Olivia remains steadfast by his side.

Despite knowing the potential for Victor to rekindle things with Juliana, she stayed, proving her selflessness. Her unwavering support extended to urging Victor to be a devoted father to his daughter, Abby. She placed her trust in him and vowed to stand by his side in his struggles. That's why she was there to share in his joy when he finally gained legal custody of his daughter. They celebrated this triumph together.

Our hearts melted watching that scene where Victor gently removed his wedding ring, took Olivia's hand, and whispered, "Nakikita na kita." In that silent exchange, devoid of words, the depth of their connection resonated profoundly, conveyed through the unspoken language of their eyes.

In a tender moment, Victor expressed to her the significance she held in his life, promising that if he chose her, he'd never let her slip away again. Yet, recognizing her worth, she knew she deserved love without pain. So, he made the difficult decision to set her free for the time being and hoped that when the perfect time comes, they can embrace their love without the burden of external challenges.

But then again, Olivia vowed to stand steadfastly by Victor's side through both the beautiful and challenging moments ahead. In turn, Victor pledged to embark on a fresh journey with Olivia, the woman who now occupies his heart.

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