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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Victor vs Juliana in Linlang

When a marriage gets broken by lies and infidelity, the most common consequence is the couple turning into mortal enemies, as in the case of Victor (Paulo Avelino) and Juliana (Kim Chiu) in Linlang: The Teleserye Version.

The days of sweet promises between them are long gone. Now they aren’t even friends anymore as they’ve drifted apart, choosing the ugly path towards vindication. Re-watch their intense confrontations, all those yelling and screaming and speaking poorly of each other, via this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes.

Experts say that an unplanned pregnancy, particularly at a young age, can disrupt a once-sweet relationship. This sad reality is painted in the love story of Juliana and Victor, who raised a family while still in college. The uncertainty of their situation led to conflicts, especially when they couldn’t see eye to eye about their child’s welfare.

Their relationship soured when Juliana faced the challenges of motherhood and felt neglected by Victor, who seemed to prioritize his own pleasure and career as a professional boxer. This feeling intensified when she caught him seemingly enjoying the company of other women after his boxing fight. Victor defended himself, claiming the women were merely fans, fearing humiliation if he rebuffed them. However, Juliana saw only betrayal and hurt. The misunderstanding escalated into a heated argument, causing them to overlook their son playing near the windows. Tragically, the child fell and later died, further deepening the cracks in their badly fractured relationship.

Distance proved to be one of the killers of their marriage when Juliana grew cold after Victor returned from working overseas. Tension flared when he caught his wife in a hotel room with her boss, Lucas (Jake Ejercito). Rather than showing remorse, Juliana had the audacity to get mad at Victor for confronting Lucas, and then she admitted to their one-time sexual encounter and carrying on an affair with him for three months.

The cracks intensified into a larger crisis when their young daughter, Abi, ran away from home. This ignited another round of argument, with Juliana playing the heroic mom by highlighting her consistent presence at their daughter’s special events and milestones. In a manipulative move, she gaslighted Victor for his perceived absence, which was only due to his effort to secure their future by working abroad. But, ignoring this fact, Juliana further blamed her husband, saying that she did not even ask for the sacrifices he did.

Juliana was very much fine with them separating rather than putting forth a genuine effort to fix their marriage. She shifts the blame onto Victor as if it’s his fault that he’s still unable to forgive and move on from her past actions, leading to endless fights.

A heartbreaking standoff happened when a drunk Victor confronted Juliana about her true feelings in their relationship, questioning whether she loved him for real as his feelings for her were sincere from the beginning. He struggled to comprehend why she would cheat despite his unwavering love.

Victor delivered blunt honesty when he urged Juliana to speak her thoughts, accusing her of being afraid to confront the truth knowing that he would do everything to mend their relationship. He recognized her attempt to manipulate the situation by portraying herself as the victim and shifting the blame onto him when the truth is she’s the one lying and cheating.

As deeply invested viewers in this ex-couple’s journey, our emotions reached boiling point when Victor finally caught Juliana with her true paramour, Alex (JM De Guzman). Victor erupted in anger, leading him to infiltrate the traitors’ love nest and beat up Alex in front of Juliana. Just when we thought this would be the height of fury in the series, Juliana raised our ‘gigil’ further by refuting Victor’s accusations, painting him as the deceitful one while she upholds her image as the immaculate ‘victimized’ wife.

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