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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Victor as a father in Linlang Toplist

Victor (Paulo Avelino) may not be perfect but he consistently demonstrates his unwavering love for his daughter, Abby (Hanna Lexie). Despite enduring the pain of his wife's deceit and betrayal, it's his role as a father that gives him the strength to persevere and find moments of solace, allowing him to carry on with a faint smile.

This Holy Week 2024, let the tender moments of fatherly love from Victor in "Linlang: The Teleserye Version," compiled by Kapamilya Toplist, fill your hearts with warmth and reflection.

As a father, Victor's foremost objective is to provide everything that brings joy to his child, starting with his own presence. Despite the challenges of being away for work as a seaman, whenever he's on shore leave, he prioritizes spending every precious moment with Abby and making sure their bond remains strong and cherished.

It pains him deeply to witness his daughter's distress, especially when she blames herself for his tumultuous marriage with Juliana (Kim Chiu). To shield Abby from unnecessary worry, he did try to conceal the truth and pretend that everything was harmonious. Abby’s happiness brings him joy, yet it also weighs heavily on him to see her suffer due to his crumbling marriage with Juliana. 

But there came a point when Victor could no longer pretend, as it was Juliana herself who decided to leave home to pursue her secret relationship with Alex (JM De Guzman), the very root cause of their marital breakdown.

With only him and Abby remaining, Victor embraced the challenge of juggling dual roles as both mother and father. Before heading to his hospital duties, he took on tasks traditionally associated with mothers, such as preparing Abby for school, mastering the art of cooking, learning hairstyling, and attending to all the nurturing needs solely for the care of his daughter.

Life might have been harsh to him at times, but, to Victor, his love for his child gives him solace and purpose, his driving force to persevere and thrive. 

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