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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Kim Chiu Gigil Scenes as Juliana Linlang

With her angelic face and charming ways, Juliana (Kim Chiu) is able to hide her dark secrets. She’s a  prolific liar and everybody’s newest source of gigil, so much so viewers wish they could grab hold of her curly locks and turn them straight.

However, the ‘gigil’ only means that Kim is doing an effective job portraying the cheating wife. Marvel at her performance in “Linlang: The Teleserye Version” via this Kapamilya Toplist video.

We open this montage with Juliana sharing little sweet moments with her boss, Lucas (Jake Ejercito), delicately brushing confetti from his hair during the marketing team’s birthday surprise for her in the office. She also didn’t flinch when Lucas got extra touchy towards her. Instead, what cracked her composure was learning that her husband, Victor (Paulo Avelino), was watching by the door.

Who wouldn't despise a woman with such a mastery of lies? When confronted about her frequent purchases of expensive intimate attire, which Victor accidentally found while rummaging through the drawers to look for their daughter’s school material, Juliana turned the tables by seducing her husband and claimed she had bought them all to impress him.

But the truth always finds a way to surface. Our anger reached a boiling point in that pivotal scene where Victor, trusting his instincts, discreetly followed Juliana. To his dismay, he discovered her waiting for someone inside a hotel restaurant, despite her claims of being at the mall for a client meeting when he called her on the phone.  Determined to uncover the deception, Victor managed to obtain Juliana's hotel room number, and upon entering, was confronted with the shocking sight of her with Lucas, who was still miraculously alive after getting punished by the former professional boxer.

But after the incident, Juliana was even the one who expressed anger and disappointment at Victor. She showed no hint of remorse when she admitted that she and Lucas had a one-time sexual encounter and carrying on an affair for three months.

The cracks in their marriage escalated into bigger turmoil, with their young daughter, Abi, running away from home. This sparked a heated argument, with Juliana playing the heroic mom by highlighting her consistent presence at their daughter’s special events and milestones. In a manipulative move, she gaslighted Victor for his perceived absence, which was actually just due to his effort to secure their future by working abroad. But, ignoring this fact, Juliana further blamed her husband, saying that she did not even ask for the sacrifices he did.

Juliana was very much fine with them separating rather than putting forth genuine effort to fix their marriage. She shifted the blame onto Victor, as if it’s his fault that he’s still unable to forgive and move on from her past actions.

Well, the greatest fibber is so good with words that she’s able to somehow weave her lies into the truth. She would stay close to the truth and not give away too much to make her stories believable, as it turns out, she was hiding more skeletons.

It was revealed that Lucas isn't Juliana's secret lover; she's also involved with none other than Victor's own brother, Alex (JM De Guzman). The sight of her sweetness towards the married Alex infuriated us, especially considering she never displayed such affection towards her own husband. Our anger intensified as Alex insinuated that he could have treated Juliana better, disregarding the fact that he himself is also married.

Things are bound to get even hotter and more intense. So, don’t miss an episode of “Linlang: The Teleserye Version,” weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5, and A2Z.